Battling Irenicus
Evasion and a Bow

Here is a sure fire tip for defeating irenicus at your confrontation in the elven tree. The only thing I had to use was Minsc, Bow, Arrows. (no magic or anything fancy). The first two times I tried him he just kicked butt (throwing timestop spells, abu-dalzims horrid wilting ,and all of his protective magics were just too much). What I did was:

1) Upon exiting dialog I moved all of my party away -
2 members down each branch
main pc and aerie down south branch
Minsc and Jahiera down east branch
Anomen and imoen up north-west branch

2) By the time he had completed his time-stop spell all of my party was out of sight and he just stood there. One spell wasted.

3) moved Minsc back in range to snipe with bow in arrows. This triggered his contingencies

4) ran Minsc back out of range. Irenicus will get off a horrid wilting spell or a death spell. It does a little damage but Minsc always made his saves

5) Getting Irenicus to chase minsc around the tree with minsc stopping every so often to take pot shots was not too difficult.

6) at the same time Minsc is running laps, had to consolidate rest of party down on southern branch.

7) If minsc stops for any lenght of time or tries to close for melee he is dead, but if you keep him moving Irenicus for some reason will not try to target with spells. He will spend all of his time trying to run him down. It took about 5 or 6 laps of the tree, but all of his contigencies were burned out.

As long as minsc or whoever you use to be your runner has a decent save vs death this battle is a piece of cake

Submitted By: Rick Norder

Send Irenicus to Hell

Having obtained the five tears, place four them in the wall. Prepare yourself for battle, making sure that you have plenty of summoning spells and 'hastes'. Summon five pets (relatively strong ones, like fire elementals), cast haste on yourself, and place the final tear in the wall.

After Irenicus enters and you and him bluster a bit, he'll summon four demons and attack. Immediately run away, having the five pets each attack one demon (with one for Irenicus). They should last long enough for you to leave their view range. Head for the lower right stair, and hide down it. Irenicus will teleport around, eventually coming to a stop around the middle stair. Summon a few pets, and send them individually after him, to let him exhaust his spells.

When you are sure he's out of spells (except contingencies) prepare for combat-stoneskins et al. Strength of One is useful, for parties without stunning strength, as is Tenser's Transformation. Have someone lure him back toward you. Cast haste on your party members, surround and attack. It's not perfect, he might still have contingincies, so make sure that your wizards/priests have spells to remove protections. He has a rather annoying regeneration ability, too, so don't let up unless you have no choice.

Submitted By: JB Holdridge II

Magic Protection Via Simulacrum

Killing him was easy with my Protection from Magic Scroll. Using the Simulacrum Strategy , my copy casted his Protection from Magic on my main character (13/13 Fighter/Mage).

On the tree, my other characters ran away and I just waited until Irenicus protections ran out while I hacked him to pieces.

In Hell, my hasted characters ran away then turned back and attacked the demons one at a time. All 6 party members combined killed each demon in a few rounds while my Stoneskined character took the brunt of the demon attacks for no damage to them. The combined attacks brought them down, one by one every quickly.

Irenicus then chased my main character around and around as I waited until his Protections wore off. My main character would hack him to pieces as I was totally immune to his magic. When my stoneskin wore off I would attack until my hit points wore down, run away and drink a few potions of extra healing, run back and attack him. Easy battle if you have boots of speed.

Submitted By: Jason

Summon Away

Immediately before fighting Irenicus hit pause.

Relocate each set of 2 characters who are standing together far back on their respective branch.

When Irenicus becomes inactive, send creatures in one after another and he will use up all his spells on them and never attack you (you can even go back to the start of this area, leave, sleep, save and return!).

Continue sending monsters until he is out of spells and then go down and attack him in all safety!!

Submitted By: The Masked German