Creating the Perfect Party in Throne of Bhaal
Perfect Party #4

I created this party in multi-player and then imported it in single play, you just need to copy-paste a saved game from the MPSave directory into the Save directory to switch a saved game from multi-player to single player.

The party is composed of 6 characters of course, to do quests to require an NPC, such as Korgan or Valygar's quests, just export one of your characters to a file, then load your last save in multi-player, remove him from your party, get the NPC, do the quest, then save, restart a multi-player game, flush the NPC and then import the character you previously exported and continue playing with your party of 6.

The party is composed of :
1 Half-Orc Berserker - Dual Wielding Warhammers - Crom Faeyr/RuneHammer
1 Half-Orc Berserker - Dual Wielding Bastard Swords - Foebane/Blade of Searing
1 Half-Orc Berserker - Dual Wielding Long Swords - Angurvadal/Various other swords (Equalizer, Answerer, BlackRazor)
1 Human Paladin (can be of any kit, I chose Cavalier) - Carsormyr
1 Half-Orc Fighter/Thief - FireTooth/Celestial Fury
1 Half-Elf Cleric/Mage - Vecna's Robe, Amulet of Power, Staff of the Magi

I don't think I need to explain why the 3 berserkers and the Carsormyr wielding paladin are for. Of course they all have natural stats of 19 Strength, 18 Dexterity and 19 Constitution, except for the paladin, he's human so he got 18s instead of 19s. The fighter/thief also got 19,18,19, pretty powerful stats for a thief, half-orcs rock. I used him for scouting at the beginning, during all the game he served well as a ranged attacker, the additionnal fire damage from fire tooth get through stone skins and kills trolls. Now that the party is high level he can set powerful spike and explosives traps and he can disarm/lockpick just about everything since he's lvl 8, this means pretty much the whole game.

The Cleric/Mage has killed about 10 trolls in the game but that's not why she is in the party. She can simply cast ALL spells in the game, save for some druid specific spells. She's there to Heal, Haste, Restore and Resurrect other party members, altough they are so powerful they don't really die often.

As for the fighters, the best way to spend their points is to max out 2 weapon fighting right at the beginning and put the 3 remaining proficiency points in your weapon of choice. When you have your weapon maxed out at 5, choose another weapon so that at the end your whole team can use pretty much all weapons. When I had Hammer, Bastard Sword and Long Sword Maxed with my characters, I went for Maces, Flails and Axes respectively, to later use Axe of the unyielding and flail of the ages. For the paladin got with 2 handed sword and 2 handed weapon style, when maxed choose another type of 2 handed weapon, like halberd or spear, if you find better than your 2 handed sword before you get carsormy, you can always use another weapon.

The new expansion abilities can be powerful, but some just suck. For your fighters and for the paladin, get Whirlwind Attack ASAP and then get Greater Whirlwind Attack every time after that. Put 1 in Hardiness if you wish but it's not that useful.

Submitted by: Orogrog