Battling Drizzt & Friends
Katanas Frozen in Time

I had a Kensai-Mage (level 10/15) with Limited Wish memorized, wielding Celestial Fury and Dak'kons Zerth blade, and wearing the Robe of Vecna.

When I encountered Drizzt, I casted Mirror Image to keep the attackers as busy as possible, while the rest of my party stumbled off to the bottom left of the screen and out of sight from the enemy. If somebody follows them, better yet... you can pick off the stragglers easily. Once the party was out of sight, my Kensai-Mage drank an Invisibility potion and joined up with the rest of the group.

At this point, you have a breather to decide what you want to do, but I drank a Potion of Storm Giant Strength, casted Haste, then Limited Wish. Once casted, I asked for Time Stop and proceeded to cleave Drizzt and pals up with the katanas while they were frozen in time.

Submitted By: Edward