Soloing Baldur's Gate II
Wizard Slayer/Thief

Race: Human

1st class: Wizard Slayer to level 15

2nd class: Thief to level 38

Ok here's how it works: Since the expansion pack now allows you to go to 8 million experience points, you can go to 15 as a wizard slayer for 15% resistance AND still have room to get to 38 as a thief. The great thing about thiefs are the high level class ability "use any item". That skill OVERIDES your wizard slayer restrictions that doesn't allow you to use magic items. In fact it overides ANY item restrictions. In other words you can use the 2 handed wonder Carsomyr!! So add another 50% magic resistance to your 15 and you have 65, add the ring of gaxx and you have 75. And since your a thief and should use leather armor, add the evil leather with +20 magic resistance and you have 95. And of course the amulet of power for a whopping 100% MAGIC IMMUNITY and level drain protection. PLUS you can backstab at *5 the dammage, set traps ( about 9 i believe ), and steal some nice scrolls that you can cast... improved mantle anyone? With that combination nothing can harm you. You can even be REAL cheesy and equip the staff of magi ( automatic invisibility ) and backstab without even having to get away from enemies. When your invisibility is blown just go to the equipment screen and re-equip it. Only problem with this is it makes the game a bit too easy... o well ;-)

Submitted by: Evil Eye