Creating the Perfect Party in Shadows of Amn
Perfect Party #4

I tried to balance magic and fighting, ranged and melee, and all classes needed.

So this is it:
1: Half-orc, Barbarian, dual wield with a longsword and a katana (I prefer Blackrazor and Celestial Fury).
2: Human, Undead Hunter, two-handed sword (Carsomyr of course).
3: Human, Swashbuckler/Cleric (dual at lvl 11), dual wield with warhammer and flail (I prefer Crom Faeyr and Flail of Ages).
4: Elf, Archer, longbow (Mana Bow).
5: Elf, Sorcerer, sling or quarterstaff (Staff of the Magi).
6: Gnome, Cleric/Illusionist, sling (Sling of Everard).

-3 melee, 3 ranged.
-Primary magic: swashbuckler/cleric and sorcerer.
-Secondary magic: cleric/ilusionist.
-No character wasted on the thief class: swashbuckler/cleric has enough thief points, and a basic armor class of 3!!
-I DON'T like druids, but again if you want one you can replace either the barbarian or the paladin for a fighter/druid (dual at an early lvl) with a spear of course (I thought the Backbiter was very good).

Submitted by: Pieter Haan