Creating the Perfect Party in Throne of Bhaal
Perfect Party #1

This is the Single Player group I have used all the way through Baldur's Gate 2: SoA and ToB. First, my main character is a Kensai that I dualed to Mage once he reached 9th level, who uses dual katanas (Dak'kon's Zerth Blade and Celestial Fury. Also, improved Hindo's Doom for spell abilites). He wears Vecna's Robes, Amulet of Power, and Ring of Gaxx.

Second person is Minsc, dual-wielding Crom Faeyr and Flail of the Ages (with the Runehammer for Undead). Third is Keldorn using Carsomyr (of course). Third is Imoen (a decent mage though a level lower then the rest of group because of time lost while in Asylum). Fourth is Nalia, also a good mage. Finally there is Aerie, both a decent mage and cleric. Imoen and Nalia provide most of the wizardly fire power while Aerie can cast just about any buff that your group would need (and at high levels, can cast enough to buff entire group with practically every buff such as Death Ward and Chaotic Commands).

Minsc and Keldorn make very good tanks and weapons capable of hitting just about anything. My main character acts as both fighter and wizard, using spells such as Stoneskin, Mirror Image, Spirit Armor and most importantly Tenser's Transformation to turn himself into a killing machine (though he doesn't have the best weapons and sometimes can't hit all creatures). Wearing Vecna's Robes and the Amulet of Power he can cast any needed emergency spell (such as Breach, Lower Resistance, etc.) virtually instantaneously with almost no chance of being interrupted.

This party is good aligned and there is no friction between any of the members. Minsc often comments that he "is in awe of Keldorn's ability to put the most righteous boot to evil's behind" with Keldorn's return that Minsc "is truly a determined warrior of Good." High praise coming from a Paladin.

Submitted by: Menion Leah