Battling Sendai
Summoning, Death Spells, & Minute Meteors

This wasn't as easy as I thought it might be. First off, she's Drow so she is pretty buffed up even without her spells. As soon as you enter her sanctum, she creates 6 statues of herself (like casting 6 Simulacrums) which attack you one at a time. I had Aerie & my PC (15/16 cleric/mage) cast Summon Deva to help out Anomen, Minsc, & Jaheira with the front line attacks. Once they destroyed the statue, drow warriors were teleported in and the next statue came to life. I had Aerie throw Cloudkill and Death Fog spells while Imoen throw a couple fireballs to wear them down. My PC would finish them off with either Minute Meteors or Magic Missiles. This wore down my spell casters pretty quickly. When you get to the last statue (which is the real Sendai), the battle gets tough, thanks to her always turning her damn Onyx ring and teleporting somewhere else in the room. Jaheria, Anomen, and my PC summoned every creature they could (fire elementals, panthers, elite gnolls) to keep up with her while Aerie cast her last Storm of Vengence. Not sure who got in the killing blow but by the time she was defeated, my group was whipped (not to mention hurting pretty badly) and deserved their much needed rest.

Submitted By: Xiana Britestar

Form a Front Line

I've noticed that alot of people stand in the middle of the room when fighting Sendai's clones and drows. A much better way of dealing with her is this: After you killed one of the first clones, have your whole party run up on her plateau. Get your mages in the back and your tanks on the front line. It makes this battle sooo much easier, cause you know, war on two fronts gets you killed. If some of the clones are out of the line of sight, just run down and get their attention.

Submitted By: KaaZe

General Tactics

This was one difficult battle! In the end, the best strategy for my group was to focus on defeating the Drow soldiers first, while keeping the Sendai clone occupied with sommoned monsters. Web spells worked well on holding the Drow soldiers, and once they were dismissed, the single clone could easily be defeated. Once you reach the "real" Sendai, I used True-Sight to dispel her sanctuary/invisibility protection, which in turn allowed my mages to hit her with pierce-magic type spells. Once she was rendered "human," the fighters/rangers quickly defeated her. The invisible stalkers can be almost immediately neutralized with a radius based death spell.

Submitted By: JEFTAD