Soloing Baldur's Gate II

I chose a half-elf fighter/mage/thief for maximum flexibility. She reached the exp. cap fairly quickly, as she was getting all experience points to herself. The disadvantage is that with the exp cap she maxed out at lvl 11 figher/ lvl 12 mage/ lvl 14 thief. I found this sufficient to finish the game, as well as to kill dragons, liches, Kangaxx, etc.

For the stats I had 9 Str,18 Dex,18 Con, 18 Int, 16 Wis, 8 Char (no patience for endless dice rolls :). This works well because Str and Char can be enchanced with items available early, and I didn't want to sacrifice the high wisdom bonuses needlesly. Until I had enough cash to get the 19 Str girdle from Adventurer's Mart, she got by on the second level mage spell Strength (18/50). During charisma-influenced dialogues she had the ring of human influence (18 char) on. Alternatively, the initial stats can sacrifice Dex and then use Gauntlets of Dexterity, although you have to go to through Unseeing Eye area to get them.

For the weapon expertise I had 3 pts in two-weapon style, 2 in long swords, and 2 points (gained at levels 6 and 9) in war hammer for the Crom Faeyr. But this is a matter of personal preference.


Make sure to get the staff of fire and recharge it periodically (sell to a vendor and buy again), as you can summon 5 lesser fire elementals for pets at a time. Potions and protection scrolls are indispensable for tough battles. Potions of Invulnerability are great, as they give +5 cumulative bonuses to saving throws and so can be used against tough spellcasters to good effect. Oh, and three words: Cloak of Mirroring.

The Shield of Harmony is necessary in areas with hold/charm/confusion/domination hazards.

Spells: blur and improved invisibility are great to make the character tougher to hit. If the enemies are using True Sight, add Spell Immunity: Divination and remain invisible anyway - often, they can't even target you with spells.


Submitted by: InnerFocus