Creating the Perfect Party in Shadows of Amn
Perfect Party #9

I think that the perfect party is comprised of the three evil characters in the game. Following this guide you have a choice on the PC. For my main character I would be a human sorcerer. You could also be a monk or another fighter depending on how you like to play. I think that magic heavy parties have the potential to be the most powerful. If your like me and don't mind a little solo, then take your main character alone through Irenicus' dungeoun (or take along Imoen for traps). As soon as you get out of the dungeon, go pick up Korgan from the Copper Coronet. Korgan is arguably the best tank in the game. He has the most hp, and he tends to deal out the most damage given the proper weapons. Which weapons he uses are up to you. There are tons of posts on weapons and he can be good with almost any combination. I do recommend that he carry along a throwing awe as a side weapon. That can take care of your ranged attack needs.

Next, head to the Government District to pick up Viconia. Being the only pure cleric in the game, Viconia is the best at what she does. Do not use Viconia as a fighter. Keep her for healing Korgan and casting spells. I would not equip her with ultra powerful weapons. Just try to get her AC up as high as possible with a good shield and armor.

Once you have Korgan and Viconia head to the Docks district and do Maevar's thief guild quest to get Edwin. Edwin has an amulet that lets him cast 2 extra spells per level, which gives him by far the most spells. Now you're ready to go take on the world. With this party I took out Fikraag with everyone between levels 10-12 fairly easily with no reload. Also remember that with Korgans enrage ability activated he is immune to Kangaax imprisonment (get that ring of Gaxx asap!).

In general, just remember to use Korgan and summons to soak up melee damage while the spell casters take care of everything from a distance.

Submitted by: Violence