Importing Items
Importing From Baldur's Gate 1

If you begin BGII with an imported character you will obviously lose all of your precious equipment.

However, if you import a BG character *after* the beginning of the game, they bring their equipment with them. This is particularly useful early on.

Particularly useful is the Plate Mail +3. It would seem that no similar armor exists in BGII, which confuses the game a little. It allows you to wear magic cloaks/rings, etc with the armor equipped as well.

Also, my fighter's +3 two-handed sword metamorphosised into the Harbinger sword.

Submitted By: Phil Dack

Importing Trick

This trick works for both BG1 and BG2 characters.

In the beginning, after you've started a new game, the screen will be dark and you will hear your character cry out..then it will begin and Irenicus will walk up to your equipment-less character.

But, one indication of that your character did have his stuff with him was that the paperdoll in the prestart selection screens was garbed in armor, plate for i did some experimenting. If you're quick, you can press space BEFORE he cries out, and pressing 'H' for unhiding the panels, then you can access your fully decked out character and drop all his stuff, to be ripe for picking after Irenicus has delivered his lines and Imoen lets you out. The only thing that can give problems is familiars as you wont get time for releasing them before you lose your items... but you will keep the HP bonus.

Submitted By: Lucian

Multiplayer Importing

If you play under multiplayer, load another character into your group from the import files or create a character file. Load that character up with all the goodies you can then export that character to the same file. Note: Scroll cases will disappear. Then, put all the goodies back with the other characters or put them in a chest. Remove the character from the party. Then save the game. Load the game back up. Under the checklist, "create character" button you can import the character you just exported with all the goodies. Once you get one good item, you can get one for all your characters. All my party members have boots of speed for those long treks. Daystar's and Dragonscale armor for all!

Submitted By: Achilles