Creating the Perfect Party in Throne of Bhaal
Perfect Party #5

This party consists of NPCs joining then leaving for different reasons. This is what I found I had:

#1 ( Fighter ): Kiad'je, a Half-Orc Beserker. I put 2* in Katana's , 2* in Axe and 2* in Two Weapon Style. And by the end I had 3 on Katana and 4 on Axe. I used the Celestial Fury and Frostreaver with Stonefire. When I got TOB I had the Axe of unyielding and Hindo's Katana. He was wearing: Dragon Armor , Helm of Balduran, Boots of Speed, Ring of Human Influence, Amulet of Power and the Cloak of Mirroring. After you Kill the Red Dragon keep the Holy Avenger

#2 ( Fighter ): Korgan, Berserker. During the game I put 3 * in Two Weapon Style and 1 * in Flail. He was wearing: Pride of the Legion, Helm of Glory, Ring of Free Action, Ring of Gaxx, Boots of Speed and Amulet of 5% of Magic Resistance.

3#( Fighter ): Mazzy, Pure Fighter. If you can get a lot of Exp points put the * points in Short Sword. When you get to Spellhold remove her and get Imoen. Remember to get the Gesen string and Bow so that when you go back to Athkatla Cromwell can forge the two pieces together. Imoen, Mage/Thief: Let her memorise all level 1 spells as Identify. Also give her the Metaspell Influence Amulet. Also keep the Shadow Dragon Armor for when she's scouting and needs the AC.

#4( Thief ): Yoshimo, Bounty Hunter. Before you go to Spell hold remove him and put Keldorn in here. Keldorn, Paladin, Inquisitor: Give him the Holy Avenger and he will kill all things that get in his way. Also before you get him you might won't to do the Lilarcor quest under the Copper Coronet. If you buy TOB then you can remove Keldorn for Sarevok!!

#5( Cleric ): Viconia, True Class. When you get the money , buy the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength. And a full plate mail. Also Sling +5:Everade, plus if you get some +2 bullets you will get a bonus. And the Fortress Shield.

#6( Mage ): Edwin, Conjuror. Give him Staff of Rynn and the Robe of Venca and you've got yourself a great mage. And the Pale Green Ioun Stone for more hitpoints. Also the Ring of regeneration

I didn't use any cheats of any kind. Have fun!!

Submitted by: Tom