Time Stop & Abilities
The first time I encountered Abazigal I was like "Hah! I'll roll through him just like the other I did the other two dragons that were guarding him." Not so. He managed to cream me a couple of times before I decided to use a different approach. I loaded a previous game and picked up six protection from electricity scrolls just to reduce the damage from his lightning breath. His breath has a chain lightning effect and it does quite a lot of damage. Also once you roll through his human form and he changes into the blue dragon, he has a spell trigger that heals him up fully. Anyways, at the onset of the fight I buffed up my characters with some choice spells, scrolls (the protection from electricty ones) and potions. I never had a problem rolling through the Frost Salamanders in his room so I didn't pay them much heed. Once the fight began and Abazigal turned into his true form, I had my sorcerer cast time stop then proceed to hit him with a number of lower resistance spells to lower his magic resistance. After that I parked my archer off in a safe corner, used the high level abilities of my hitters (like greater whirlwind) and summoned a number of greater elementals and planetars and the like. Using this strategy I was able to slay him, although he still did put up a nice fight.

Submitted By: Ranathax

Assassinate the Salamanders First

Abazigal's lair is set up so that there is just enough room for a thief or stalker to work their way around the perimeter, clockwise from the entrance. I had Valygar equipped with the Boots of Speed do this. He would backstab a salamander, then get out of its sightlines, hide and backstab again. In this way I was able to pick off all but one before the final battle.

Submitted By: Joao Medeiros

Mordenkainen's Sword

First walk through the side and finish all of the Frost Salamanders. Before engaging Abazigal, cast a Mordenkainen's Sword in front of him. After his dialogue is over, send the sword on him before attacking with all of your party members. The sword is incredibly effective against him because it is totally immune to his damage. Using this simple tactic, I was able to defeat Abazigal in his human form.

When Abazigal changes into his dragon form, cast another Mordenkainen's Sword ( the first sword might run out of time ) to help the first one. The sword would take up all the dragon's attention ( and also damage!! ). The sword is immune to his dragon attack and the lightning damage does not affect the sword a single bit. If the dragon starts attacking you instead of the sword, start running away before attacking him again. He didn't cast any healing spells for me because he was so distracted by my sword drawing blood from his dragon hide. Just keep attacking him and the fight is in the bag.

If the the swords are killed by Finger of Death by the dragon, summon more and continue the tactic.

Submitted By: Tanong