Soloing Baldur's Gate II
Undead Hunter

I thought I'd write this walkthrough for anyone who does not believe it can be done. I wont go into why this character is the best for completing the game except to say that he IS the best because he has the most useful abilities of any class.

Firstly, start with a good roll - mine was:
Str 18/68
Dex 18
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 15
Cha 17 will need every drop.

I remember thinking at the time the dungeon at the start of bg2 was quite difficult, although looking back now it was nothing compared to what comes later. It helps if you've done it before and can remember where the nasty traps are.

Once you get out do the circus tent as its a piece of cake, sell your crap and go buy the glasses of identify. Head into the sewers to get the cloak of the sewers (the most valuable item in the early game - with it, you can transform into a troll once per day and regenerate your health). Next I did the copper coronet and slave traders. Once I got some fire arrows I did the druid grove and trademeet, and dearnis hold I think its called, and make sure to grab the boots of speed in the astral prison.

After all that you should be ready to take the plunge into windspear hills to kill firkraag. When you bump into the greater werewolf run him into a room and then run out and shut the door behind you if you cant kill him. I killed firkraag quite easily with my bow and arrows, the trick is to wear your ring of fire prot, belt of inertial barrier and dragon helm and lead him up to the stairs and he will follow you down, he then wont be able to reach you except with breath which you will be resistant to.

Once he's dead, run back with the carsomyr and forge the dragon armor in the Docks District. Next comes the ring of gaxx, but unfortunately you can't unlock the doors to reach the cryps so you will need to borrow yoshimo to unlock them. Don't worry if he gets killed on the second one you wont need him ever again, or anyone else for that matter.

Get a protection from magic scroll once youve killed the first 2 liches, when you kill kangaxx and he becomes a demi-lich, use it and then just hack him to bits with carsomyr. Do the other quests before going to spellhold,I think at this stage I was reaching the cap for bg2, but I had the expansion installed so I was starting to get special abilities.

Hot tip - with ring of gaxx and cloak of sewers you can get out of almost any bind, just use gaxx's invisible charge and then change to a troll and you will recover all your health while all the baddies wait for you to make another attack.

Another thing, undead (shadows and vampires) will all get vaporised when you use your turn undead ability, even bohdi - now are you getting the picture? You will be too powerful for anything else in bg2, you can even go into watchers keep, but the chromatic demon might be tough early on.

As far as special abilities go I had 3 summon deva, 1 of each of the power attacks, 2 hardiness (3 is probably better) and the rest whirlwinds. I reached the 8000000 cap for ToB long before I even started the expansion.

Now to ToB, this is where it gets difficult. You will have lost 2 points from your stats during bg2 - one from the dream early on (I think I chose wisdom) and 1 dex from hell when you sacrifice yourself for a peasant (if you don't, you become a fallen paladin). But you should get 2 points of wisdom back from the tears, as well as 10% extra magic resistance etc.

The start is fairly easy, especially when I realised that undead actually get charmed when you turn them in the expansion, so you can use them against other enemies, this comes in very handy.

You will need to have put proficiency in dual wield, I also had axe, halberd, hammer (of course 2hsword and longbow), you may wish to have flail instead of one of those but this is what I had.

The first major difficulty is in yaga-shura's lair, here I used invisible to run from the fire giants and activate the various mechanisms which unlock the entrance to the second level. If you get owned try running to a corner and warp to your pocket plane and rest. I remember this being difficult but I returned later with some better weapons and raped the monsters I didnt kill the first time.

The forest of mir is easy, you just turn the undead on the main baddies and then on each other.

Now to the seige camp. I remember thinking this would be the end of me at the time but fortune smiled on me, the monsters spawn constantly which actually turned out to be an advantage. I trapped myself in an enclave with weaker fighters in front of me, the fire giants and yagu shura couldnt reach me, I whipped out my bow and whirlwind and he went down like sack of potatoes.

Sendai's enclave-not too difficult so long as you remember in the southern and northern tunnels to go straight for the main baddy each time. After that, strategy is the key. Sometimes summoning a deva at the right time or charming undead can turn the tide in your favour. You will start getting alot of super healing potions off corpses at this point - save them!

After this point I returned to watchers keep and the chromatic demon. I used a deva and stun and dual-weilding crom soyr and a +4 morning star(even though I had no proficiency in it) with 1-4 extra electric damage to take out the demon while it was in poison form. The rest was fairly straightforward. I killed the demi-lich by transforming into the slayer which reduced my reputation from 20 to 18.

The challenges in the pocket plane were quite difficult but do-able. At some point my alignment changed to neutral evil, but I still kept my abilities so that was fine.

The most difficult battle in my opinion was draconis the brown dragon in abazigals lair. In time, I was able to kill him with my ravager +6 halberd, hardiness, and several whirlwinds. Abazigal seemed easier as he didnt spawn millions of invisible stalkers so I got him the same way.

The ravager slayer I was able to get by using hardiness, dual weilding axe of unyielding and crom faeyr and whirlwinding.

Make sure you rest fully before going into bhaals area as this will be the last time you are able to, and bear this in mind for the fist few battles as you will want to save your abilities for the final couple of fights. For melissan, concentrate all attacks on her as quickly as possible. The longer you take the more of a hiding you will get from her beasts. This is the most challenging game I have ever played, but also the most satisfying. The storyline is actually very good and I was almost sorry to have it all end. I hope this shows how it is possible to complete both games solo and without cheating or even being cheesy.

Submitted by: Grey Hemi