Limited Wish
Everything You'd Ever Need to Know!

The Limited Wish spell has two sides: one-time wishes and repeatable wishes and the specific effects are highly dependent on the wisdom of the caster. For one-time wishes each wish has a bad possibility and a good possibility. Good choices require the minimum wisdom listed. For repeatable wishes, the caster must have the minimum wisdom listed for the choices to be available.

I have tested this for Wisdoms 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, and 25 so the breakpoints should be very close.

Repeatable Wishes: Bad Choices

1. I wish that none of my party would die of their wounds.
    Result: 25 poison damage to each party member.

2. I wish for my spells to be restored.
    Result: All mage spells in party are unmemorized.

3. I wish that magic would fail to affect me or my party.
    Result: Miscast Magic entire party.

4. I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies.
    Result: Summon horde of rabbits which you can't control directly.

5. I wish to be protected from undead right now.
    Result: Summon 6 vampires. (Seems to skip the protection part.)

Repeatable Wishes: Good Choices

1. I wish for my entire party to be healed. (Wis 11)
    Result: Mass Cure

2. I wish that spells I have cast would be restored, that I might cast them again. (Wis 16)
    Result: Each mage re-memorizes 1 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th level spell.

3. I wish to make my party invulnerable. (Wis 13)
    Result: Globe of Invulnerability (short duration) on each party member.

4. ---same as above---

5. I wish to be protected from the undead. (Wis 11)
    Result: Negative Plane Protection (short duration) entire party.

One-Time Wishes

3. I wish to be rich (Wis 11)
    Result: Get Pearl, Emerald, Black Opal, Horn Coral

4. I wish for a powerful magical item (Wis 11)
    Result: Get Full Plate +2

5. I wish to be more experienced (Wis <5)
    Result: Summon Adamantite, Sand, and Juggernaut golems (that attack).

6. I wish to see all as it really is. (Wis 13)
    Result: Get Glasses of Identification

7. I wish for an adventure like none I've ever experienced before (Wis 13)
    Result: Get scroll and trigger quest. Quest Reward: Boomerang Dagger +2

8. I wish for control over time.(Wis 14)
    Result: Time Stop

9. I wish to be anything I desire (Wis 8)
    Result: Shapechange

10. I wish to be prepared for anything (Wis 11)
    Result: Chain Contingency

11. I wish all my enemies will die. (Wis 13)
    Result: Wail of the Banshee

Wish Quest: This quest starts in the bridge district, travels through the druid grove and back. Not particularly difficult and the reward is pretty good. On the other hand, you can also just pick-pocket the dagger and never bother with the spell or quest.

Submitted By: Nighthawk