Creating the Perfect Party in Throne of Bhaal
Perfect Party #2

Though I played through SoA with a multiplayer-created "Ultimate Good Party", I decided that it would be fun to play through ToB with an "Ultimate Evil Party" now that Sarevok was available.

#1: Sarevok is a very good fighter, and he has lots of hitpoints. He also has an uber-cool "Deathbringer Assault" that he will pull out of his sleeve every once in a while, and I've seen it do 246 hp of damage with one hit! I made him the party leader, and souped him up with Charisma enhancing gear (Nymph Cloak, Plate of Balduran, Ring of Human Influence). He started using the "Soul Reaver +4", "The Wave +4", "Mana Bow +4", and the "Silver Sword". Eventually I he progressed to using "Psion's Blade +5", "Ravager +6", "Gram the Sword of Grief +5", and "Firetooth +5". He also wore boots of speed.

#2: Korgan is a tank and a half. He worked his way from dual wielding "Frostreaver +3" and "Crom Faer" to the "Runehammer +4/+5" and finally was dual wielding the "Axe of the Unyielding +5" with "Crom Faer". Give him the best armor you can find, some "boots of speed", and the "helm of balduran" and you have got yourself one heck of a berserker.

#3: My PC. I created my PC in SoA, so I could start him as a fighter and dual class to thief at level 9. I gave him proficiencies in longsword, short bow, and katana. For the first half of the game, he used Celestial Fury +3 (I've seen him backstab for 182 hp damage), and the "Short Bow of Gesen". Eventually I got him using "Angurdaval +5". As I had him wearing the "Grandmaster's Armor +6", he did not need boots of speed, but I did give him "Wong Fei's Ioun Stone" and "Montolio's Cloak".

#4: Ka, a monk. Yes, I played multiplayer again. I love monks, so I couldn't resist. With the "gauntlets of crushing", the "cloak of mirroring", and the "boots of speed" he became well-nigh unstoppable (at least until his hitpoints ran out. Even at 32nd level he only had 130hp). I also gave him as many magic resistance bonus items as I could, so in the end he had 127% magic resistance.

#5: Viconia was the sole healer in my group, and I never ran out of healing spells or healing potions (in fact I sold over 200 of the damn things just trying to keep my backpack clear). Before you do anything else, give her a girdle of giant strength. Ahh, that's it... now you can equip her. She used the "Flail of the Ages +3/+4/+5" throughout the game, along with the "Erianne Sling +5" and the "Bag of Plenty +2". I gave her good armor, boots of speed, and a shield +4, and she managed to hold her own.

#6: Edwin is as good as any two other mages you're going to find. With the "Robe of Vecna" speeding up his casting time, and the "Circlet of Netheril", "Ring of Wizardry", and "Ring of Acuity" adding to his already huge selection of spells he became the penultimate magic user. Try casting "Time Stop", then "improved Alacrity", and see how many magic missiles you can get off in literally no time at all. Also, don't forget to buy him some boots of speed.

Now, throw in a few girdles of giant strength, and other fun stuff like the Juggernaught golem book, and you have yourself THE ULTIMATE EVIL PARTY.

Submitted by: Sparrowhawk