Pickpocketed Items
Gain Two Rings of Gaxx

As you know Kangaxx has 2 forms, now each of these forms have a ring of gaxx the trick is getting it out of the first form, the golden skeleton form, (the second form, the demi-lich form drops a Ring of Gaxx when it dies regardless of whether or not you get the one from his first form). In order to do this it is kind of tricky, use a thief to open his sarcophagus and watch the animation as he rises up, just before this animation is finished however if you pause the game you will be able to see him standing right in the middle fo the animation with a blue circle around his feet (he does not become hostile untill after he talks to you), at this point while the game is paused have your thief (who should be standing directly next to him) pickpocket him, this should give you a Ring of Gaxx just before he starts to talk.

note: you cannot pickpocket hostile creatures so you must do this at exactly the right time and you may be required to reload several times for the pickpocket to be sucessfull (i got it on the 3rd try).

Submitted By: Nick Strauss

Gain Two Rings of the Ram

There are 2 Rings of the Ram in this game, in order to get the second Ring of the Ram you must pickpocket Tolgerias when you first meet him in the Government District, you will then get a second ring of the ram when you loot his body after killing him in the Planar Sphere.

Submitted By: Nick Strauss

Various Goodies

Terminsel carries a Ring of Protection +2 & since you meet him twice...

Don't forget the ring of regeneration on Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart.

The REAL Harper party that is your first meeting (I think) for the Harper's quests ALL carry a Ring of Protection +1. Make sure your thief is hasted.

In the Underdark, the quest to free the mage (Vithal) from an imprisionment spell. You can 'collect' ALL the items he retrieves from the Elimental planes via pickpocketing.

Submitted By: Marcus

Efreeti Bottle

If you are in Trademeet, and get the quest to free Trademeet from the djinnis, you can go to their tent and pickpocket the outside guard, he has the efreeti bottle, which can summon a djinni once per day.

Submitted By: Thorian

Pickpocket Those Messengers!

At various moments and locations in the game you get approached by people who initiate a dialog with you, and then either remain standing where they are, or leave again, to disappear completely some distance away from the party. It works with the latter group anyway, but maybe also with the former one. Boots of Speed on your Thief are a great boon here, since you can quickly cover the distance between you and that person, while he approaches your party, and pickpocket him multiple times BEFORE and AFTER speaking with one of your party members.

When you see such a person come (or go again), select your thief, and pickpocket the person. Don't worry if this fails - since he wants to initiate a dialog FIRST, he won't have time to go hostile. Also, when he starts walking off again, he also won't go hostile upon failing a pickpocket, since his primary task is to walk away and disappear. This way you can acquire various nice items.

The one person that comes to mind to me in this respect is Terminsel (reshuffle the letters to get Elminster). Somewhere during the Harper event with Jaheira, a mage named Terminsel will approach you and give you a note. If you pickpocket him succesfully with the above tactic, you can get two items off of him. One is a Ring of Protection +2, the other is an Amulet of Protection +1.

Submitted By: Maurice

Don't Bother With Rielev

I discovered that in the beginning of BG2, in Irenicus prison, instead of getting the activation stone from Rielev, you can just pickpocket the golem and get the Sewage Golem Key. This is used to open all doors in the prison. Even if you fail your pickpocketing the golem won't go hostile and you can keep on trying =).

Submitted By: Hannwaas

Spells, Spells, and More Spells

At the location that you have labeled as "7" in your Bridge District map, I used Yoshimo, at pick-pocket base 90 + 2 master thief potions, to steal everything the little stolen goods dealer has to offer (he has 4 potions of master thievery, so you'll come out ahead on the potions). If you're into wizards and love getting your hands on every spell that you can, the little dealer has some pretty cool (expensive) spells that you can easily liberate. Even if you're not into spells, you can just pawn them off to some other thief for some extra gold pieces. As long as you're in super pick-pocket mode with Yoshimo, I would advise stealing all the spell scrolls you want from the spell dealer in the Waukeen's Promenade, and from the spell dealer in the Adventurer's Market Place (she's in the back, hiding behind a bookcase). When all this is done, you'll find yourself with just about every scroll you could ever want... for FREE..... sweeeet.

Submitted By: Hannwaas

Ring of Acuity #2

You can pickpocket an extra Ring of Acuity before Lavok, the wizard within the Planar Sphere, turns hostile (see the Ring of Gaxx strategy, this works the same).

Submitted By: Soon Sin Teo

Blackrazor and the "Good" Route

Instead of giving up Blackrazor to the genie, I had Jan pickpocket him for the stone. My journal said that I gave the genie Blackrazor!!! Then I had Jan enter in the cavern of fear to grab the next stone. He was immune to the fear because of Blackrazor.

Submitted By: Jason