Iron Golems and Umber Hulks

I used Nalia's Polymorph spell in de'Arnise Keep on two occasions.

The first was to defeat the Iron Golem which could only be killed with +3 weapons while I had none (or believed I had none). Changing Nalia into a gnoll, her weapon becomes a +1 halberd which hits as a +3 weapon (as described in the spell info). I gave her a potion of speed to make sure she will kill the golem before the spell expires.

The second time was to kill Umber Hulks after Aerie baited them in the cells with the dog stew under the protection of a Sanctuary spell. Nalia casted a cloudkill over the corridor, killing 2 hulks instantly, and then polymorphed into a mustard jelly to get the others in the corridor as well, without taking more risks than necessary!

Submitted By: Jean-Francois Roman