Creating the Perfect Party in Shadows of Amn
Perfect Party #5

You need at least two fighters, a thief, a cleric and a mage. I never see any reason to take along more than five characters, except temporary.

This is my dream multiplayer party:
1. First fighter: Brute force. Either a paladin (to wield carsomyr, make him an inquisitor for the true sight ability) or a plain fighter with proficiency points in two handed swords, long bows and two handed weapon style. Eventually you will want this person to have either carsomyr or the vorpal sword or soulreaver. The warblade +4 does a lot of damage as well.
2. Second fighter: slightly more intelligent force. Dual-wielder, probably of long swords (proficiencies in two weapon style and long swords). You might choose to use a ranger, this gives you two free proficiencies in two weapon style. This allows you to teach him to use more weapons: flails (for the flail of ages), maces (for the mace of disruption +2), katanas (celestial fury and there is one other good katana in spellhold) and axes (azuredge, etc) are all nice. Give this person the daystar longsword.
3. Berserker dual to thief with 5 proficiency points in katanas and the rest in sword+shield style. This is going to be a thief with a lot of HP, the enrage special ability and a very good AC. Backstabs with celestial fury drop most enemies in a single blow. Start by giving him a lot of find traps, then open locks, then stealh and hide in shadows, then either detect illusion or find traps. Dual him to a thief at level 9 if you take Imoen along with you in Irenicus' dungeon, otherwise you'll have to do it immediately or worry about a lot of traps and no thief.
4. A berserker/cleric or plain cleric
5. A berserker/mage, kensai/mage or sorceror.

For a solo, good or neutral aligned game without XP cap remover, take along these NPC's:
1. Keldorn (immediately equip him with the bracers of dexterity)
2. Minsc (give him the Flail of Ages)
3. Yourself (berserker dual to thief, see above)
4. Anomen if you can stand him, or Viconia if you don't mind having an evil bitch in your otherwise happy family.
5. Nalia, your mage.

For a solo evil aligned game, take along these NPC's. (This party will be more powerful than the good aligned one):
1. Yourself (a plain fighter wielding two handed swords and long bows)
2. Korgan wielding axes and hammers (eventually you want him to wield Crom Faeyr)
3. Jan Jansen (this gives you half a thief and half a mage, he'll detect your traps and pick your locks but he's no good at backstabbing. Nevertheless, another spellcaster will come in handy)
4. Viconia (give her the girdle of something giant strength from the Adventurer's Mart)
5. Edwin!

With these parties you'll be able to smash everything in the game to bits with ease.

Submitted by: Steven de Rooij