Soloing Baldur's Gate II

The problem with playing solo is the misconception that you need multiple functions in your party, and that you can't perform them with one character. Most people think you need: melee power, healing, thief skills, and looooooots of magic. so they create the swashbuckler cleric for instance: lots of possibilities, can't hit anything though. Well let me open you eyes on the functions REALLY needed in the game.

- thief skills? They don't matter. There are only a few good pickpocket items in the game, and since you are solo and have all the best magic items for yourself you won't need these. picking locks is easy with strength modifiers(potions, belts, call upon holy might, rage, crom fear). Traps you can just walk over if you've got enough hitpoints. hiding in shadows? I don't have to hide, besides: if the enemies can't see me, then how will I scare them to dead?

- healing? healing potions, ring of gaxx, and one night of sleep? that's really all you need if you have a good armor class and some hit points. so no healer needed

-magic? okay, it's a little hard to do without this one. bu't it's possible. because for tactical and protective magic you won't have to be a caster. take the longswords their abilties for instance, there you have some good tactical magic. for protective magic you can use the ultra low saves you get for having all the best items yourself and magic protection(ring of gaxx or similar). then you have items like the book of infinite spells and various potions. so is magic needed: yes. is a caster needed: no!!!

-melee power? well al the evase tactics, hiding in shadows, magic combo's, summoning and other tactics can sure help you if you can't fight. but wouldn't it be simpler if you could just hack your way through entire armies without even getting tired?

The barbarian in bgII is a lot stronger then the barbarian in D&D, and there is the catch!

the barbarian in BGII has immunities in rage, immunities to ALL hold, charm, maze, and level drain spells. so also to stun sleep dire charm domination confusion and that kind of stuff. add to that 20% magic resistance and ultra low saves from magic items and you are almost invulnerable to magic. and since he has the most hitpoint of all possible characters in the game and 20% resistance to all physical attacks he's almost invulnerable to about anything. this is also the only character that solves the biggest solo problem: what if my only character gets mazed or charmed? oops: gameover. well with rage we won't have to worry about that anymore.

so here is how you make the invincible barbarian:
race: halforc
str: 19
dex: 18
con: 19
int: 9
wis: whatever
cha: 18
(these are minimum requirements, more is welcome)

start with two in longwords, two in flails and one in scimitars.also three in two weapon figthing of course. in the end you will need two in longwords flails and scimitars and one in slings.

best weapon configuration:
flail of ages + belm+2 + belt of giant strength(21) + boots of speed

now you will have in rage: 5 attacks and 25 str. that's the maximum power you can wield. on top of that a 33% chance of slowing your enemy (no save). and you can hit anything (except kanggaxx, but he is easy with the sling of everard and one scroll of protection from undead)

weapons needed for spells:
daystar for undead (sunray!)
dragonslayer for dragons
namarra for silence
armor: crimson chain+5, until that one you can use the shadow dragon scales
helmet: helmet of balduran
amulet: kaligun's amulet of magic resistance
rings: ring of gaxx and the earth band (this one is actually a protection item, it lowers saves while it's not in the description)
boots: boots of speed
belt: belt of str 21
cloak: cloak of mirroring
other: bag of holding and other containers, sling of everard, vailor's helm, healing potions, any other handy equipment.

first get the longwords in the city: daystar, namarra, then get the ring off gaxx: protection from undead scroll+sling of everard+rage+potion of speed. then get the flail of ages and belm+2. then your goal is the rest of the equipment and of course dealing with every problem alone like the game was designed for it

dragons: use rage and other enhancements, attack the dragon. when he casts his protections run away. now just wait untill his protections wear off, and hack him to pieces.

shangalar: use the spells of your equipment and click attack

that should be all. there are no real chalenges besides them in the game.i will be trying the barbarian in ToB soon, so expect an update in some time.

Any questions about this strategy? try

Submitted by: Pieter Haan