Bodhi & Her Brethren
Creatures of the Night Hate the Sun

I just went through bodhi's lair yesterday and found that the lvl 7 priest spell "sunray" my anomen has does some 1050 (!) damage to vampires. Don't like the sun, i suppose ;)

So, bodhi's bodyguards had a _very_ short life

It really gets easy when she's alone with just some grimwarders.

Submitted by: Conrad Müller

Protection From Undead

For areas with vampires, such as Bodhi's Lair, I just marched Keldorn (wielding Carsomyr +5) through with Protection From Undead cast from a scroll and had him kill the vampires that were standing around, and if it didn't appear as though they were going to die I brought my main character up to get the dialog before they died and then brought him (the main character) back.

Submitted by: Brion

Vhailor's Helm and Daystar

This is a simple strategy that I find works awesome against all liches and vampires.

1) Buy Vhailors Helm from the bonus merchant in the Ribalds store and equip it to your tank. If you do not have enough money go to the shadow thieves guild bottom floor and you can sell an expensive item and steal it back and sell it again as maney times as you like.

2) Kill the lich in the Crooked cane (the inn in the city gates)to get Daystar. Do do this have a thief run hasted and invisible up to the crate behind him, lockpick the trunk and take the sword. Then identify it and give it to a tank. Go to items and cast sunray (with any luck this will kill the Lich, if not go up to it and hack it to pieces with Daystar.)

Now you have the required eq for this strategy now it is simple you just:

1) Cast simulacrum with Vhailor's Helm before you face the lich

2) Have your tank and his double both cast sunray ASAP with any luck you will do 1064 damage twice but if not depending on how much hp the lich/vamps/vamp has it will already be killed. If it has alot of hp just try again and do massive damage with the sunray and hope he doesn't save vs spell.

Submitted By: Skynx

Bash 'Em With the Mace of Disruption

Just use the Mace of Disruption +2 (or +1) with your best fighter, cleric or which ever character who is best to use a mace... The character will crush all vampires within seconds. If you lure them out, one and one it becomes even easier! :-)

Submitted By: JoDa

A Suped-Up Fighter/Mage

Using a combination of protection spells and magical items, a fighter/mage that's at least 10/10th level can do some serious solo damage versus the Nosferatu of Amn.

The Amulet of Power obtained from the Shadow Thief leader Aran Linvail gives you 5% magic resistance, reduced casting times, and, conveniently, immunity to level drain. Equip this and your fighter/mage can withstand all that the Children of the Night have to offer while s/he hacks them to unholy pieces with a melee weapon.

Other tips could include a Protection From Fire spell cast on the fighter/mage in combination with a Fire Shield (Red) and some Fireballs to incinerate them while you're in melee combat (Stoneskin/Mirror Image always help when trying to cast spells amidst enemies). Another key spell is Spell Immunity: Enchantment/Charm to shield yourself from one of their nastier tricks which is to Dominate or Dire Charm you (I can't remember offhand which particular spell it is, but either way, you're hooped if it happens to you!).

Personally, my fighter/mage had the Equalizer so I had the mind shield provided by the sword and, drunk with power, Fireballed them wearing the Mage Robe of Fire Resistance and Ring of Fire Protection along with Protection From Fire. He made short work of the feared undead alone without losing many hit points, or more importantly, levels.

Submitted By: WitchTooth

Minsc & Boo

Defeating vampires is really simple if you use Minsc, his racial enemy is vampires. And he has +3 to hit and +3 to damage. All you have to do is use the spell Negative Plane Protection. After that, you can beat the hell out of any vampire, even Bodhi is really simple.

Submitted By: Unknown