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Yuan-ti Wilds - Yrthak's Bluff

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The Yrthak is probably the most difficult battle up until this point. Once the battle begins, it will use a few different methods to take you down. First, since it's blind, it will use a sonic-type "scream" to damage you from afar. Secondly, when it first takes off for flight, it can buffet you with its wings (causing damage and knocking you backward). The third and most potent attack is an airborne assault using boulders. The boulders are quite damaging, but they can be dodged if you're quick.

Your window of opportunity is after the Yrthak has dropped boulders a few times. It will then land, causing it to be susceptible to your attacks for a short period of time. Hammer it as quickly as possible during this time, making sure to run away before it buffets you with its wings. Once the creature dies, it will land on the bone obstacle at area #2, which will allow you to pass.


Once the Yrthak is killed, it will land on this bone obstacle and clear it out of the way. Proceed past to grab the Gem of Nature and use the portal beyond to return to the Portals.