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Vasak, Human Caretaker

His adventuring days behind him, Vasak enjoyed a leisurely life tending to Baele's dead. Although the crypts were expansive -- spanning the whole caves south of Baele -- they were also quite quiet. At their absolute peak of activity, if it could even be called that, Vasak might encounter a small band of grave robbers or monsters seeking a new home, and although gaining in years, he was usually able to chase them off without much effort. The situation has abruptly changed. Dozens of creatures have flooded the caves, trapping Vasak inside.

Rik, Human Shopkeeper

Where many saw mayhem, Rik saw opportunity. Opening a store in Baele's Castle, he began to sell goods to the adventurers who hoped the portal's riches would be theirs for the taking. Naturally, he's learned a good amount from their mistakes and has a solid knowledge of the Castle and its portals. Both friendly and encouraging, Rik hopes to do well very for himself during this dark time in Baele's history.

Lidda, Halfling Rogue

The leader of the Crimson Scar Gang from Navamyre, Lidda has seen her share of adventure. Known as an intelligent, competent and fiercely loyal leader, she is well regarded among all rogues -- and even trusted by many outside her profession. When she heard rumors of portals leading to great fortunes in the Kingdom of Baele, she assembled her group and set forth with over 100 men. Within hours of their arrival in Baele, they were overwhelmed by hordes of creatures that roamed Baele's once-glorious castle. She and three others are all that remain. They were able to secret themselves into the Dragon's Tankard where they are currently holding the Trolls at bay.

Laundra, Halfling Rogue-In-Training

Full of excitement and big dreams, young Laundra joined Lidda's group on the Baele mission against her parent's wishes. Unknown to all but those involved, Laundra's family had in fact paid two other Rogues handsomely to protect her from monsters, as well as from herself. Unfortunately, her guards perished once they reached the castle's walls. Now on her own, so to speak, Laundra is eager to impress her fellow rogues and express her independence. Although she shares her crew's love of legerdemain, her exuberance has yet to be tempered by experience.

Taarian, Half-Elf Rogue

Although a fairly new Crimson Scar member, Taarian is perhaps the most weathered and experienced person in the group. Before joining, he had been on more missions than most of its members combined, and although the lure of portal's riches is important to him, his real reasons for coming to Baele are far more personal.

Zyn, Half-Elf Rogue

A long-time member of the Crimson Scar Gang, Zyn is rough and rugged. He's well traveled, well trained and well versed in the ways of rogues. Although a loner by nature, he regularly joins the gang when going it alone just isn't practical and eventually warms to those around him.

Kaedin, Wizard (Race Unknown)

Very little is known about the dark and enigmatic wizard. Rumors abound, but with so many years passed, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. This much is known to be true: he was killed over 150 years ago after laying waste to numerous villages and their inhabitants. His attacks were completely unprovoked and took all by surprise. He is also the creator of five gems of incredible power. Unfortunately for the citizens of Baele, he has recently been raised from the dead. As for the rumors, some speculate that his powers transformed him into a demon, while others say he was a polymorph the day he was born.