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One hundred and fifty years ago, a new and dawning darkness descended upon the peaceful land of Baele. The wizard Kaedin had opened four portals, each leading to a different plane of existence, and harnessed the power of the planes to create four different Gems, each as strong as the plane that bore it. He then created a fifth Gem to channel the power of the wind itself and entrusted it to a fearsome Beholder who protects it to this day.

With these Gems, he became more powerful -- and more malevolent -- than any wizard ever known. Town after town fell in his wake, and the future was uncertain at best.

Fearing its demise, the Kingdom of Baele called for its best and brightest, and four brave souls answered the call.

They traveled to Kaedin's castle, confronted the wizard, and against all odds, they defeated him. But in the seconds before he died, Kaedin cast a spell to kill them all.

With his death, the grateful citizens of Baele tore down Kaedin's castle, banished the Gems to the planes and sealed the entrance to the portals, trapping the Beholder within. They built a new castle on top of the remains, the present day Castle Baele.

Meanwhile, the four Heroes were given a champion's burial, and Kaedin's remains were tossed in an unmarked crypt....

One hundred and fifty years later, a group of evil clerics sought to channel the dead wizard's power as their own, but the power they hoped to control quickly killed them all.

Now Kaedin is alive once more, and his castle has reformed, magically suspended in the sky high above Baele. A darkness brews in the winds around it, and Baele's troubled elders recount stories from long ago, when town after town was destroyed, and the Gems' powers terrified them all.

The four Heroes who defeated Kaedin are once again called forth. They are weak and have lost nearly all their former power, but their courage will see them through as they fight to regain all they have lost and become Heroes once again!