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Bone Nagas

Bone Nagas are the animated skeletal remains of Dark Nagas. Their long, slithering bodies move effortlessly and quickly, and they are regularly used as guardians in the temples of the undead. A Bone Naga's strike can deliver a debilitating and painful poison, while its hypnotic gaze can stop the strongest foe in its tracks. Like other undead creatures, Bone Nagas are resistant to poison and to all forms of mental attack, but are susceptible to holy water and to the Cleric's ability to Turn Undead.


Bulettes are huge, voracious predators that attack anything they believe is edible. Covered in thick, hard scales from head to toe, their armored plating makes them nearly invulnerable. Bulettes are solitary creatures that tend to live in bone-strewn lairs near human or halfling settlements where they can find easy access to prey.


Destrachans are blind, but their lack of vision does not impair their ability to seek out and kill their prey. They hunt by sound, using their hearing and sonic powers to locate, corner and ultimately devour their foes.


Drow, or "Dark Elves," are an evil race of subterranean dwellers whose bodies cannot stand direct sunlight. Their society is matriarchal and the males are often used as grunts in their armies, while the ruling females are known to be gifted yet undeniably sinister spellcasters.

Fire Giants

Both brutal and sizeable combatants, Fire Giants live in militaristic groups and seldom fight alone. When only one is seen, another is likely nearby. They delight in both melee and ranged combat and are resistant to all forms of fire damage. They are, however, vulnerable to ice-based attacks.

Frost Worms

Frost Worms are the fabric of legends. Rarely seen -- or seen often, but rarely survived -- Frost Worms tower over their victims and attempt to devour them with their huge mandibles. Their trills can stop a man in his tracks and their blasts of cold can break flesh from bone. The hatchlings of Frost Worms are often spotted throughout frozen lands, unlike their larger kin. Both large and small Frost Worms are invulnerable to ice attacks, but fire can affect them.


Gargoyles are magical, flying beasts that make excellent guardians since they take great delight in the destruction of other beings. They have been known to imitate statues and will wait motionless and without a sound for prey to arrive, swooping in to catch them off guard. Their swiftness and stone-like skin makes a Gargoyle a challenge when encountered alone, yet they rarely are.

Giant Spiders

Denizens of caves and dark hallways, giant spiders feed off the blood of the living. Some are known for their painful bites while others have developed a vicious and quick-acting poison. Some spiders even trap wary adventurers in shot-spun webs.


Hobgoblins are aggressive, burly humanoids that wage a perpetual war against all other races. Militaristic by nature, Hobgoblins are excellent melee combatants. Hobgoblin shock troops are typically reinforced with archers and shamans who are known to wield crude yet dangerous elemental magic.

Ice Barbarians

Ice Barbarians are wild and reckless warriors known for raiding mountain villages and mercilessly slaughtering anyone traveling in their territory. The harshness of their environment has toughened their hides and honed their senses, making them resistant to ice and cold. They are, however, weak in the face of fire. Ice Barbarians are said to fight with the strength of several men, and they frequently attack in small groups to overwhelm their opponents by brute force.

Magma Golems

Composed of pure molten rock, Magma Golems inhabit hot, fiery locales. The pure nature of their magma makes them lethal combatants. They are completely resistant to all fire damage, but are vulnerable to ice-based attacks.


Dexterous and dangerous, quick-moving Osyluths are demons and are sometimes referred to as "Bone Devils." Attached to their sickly, skeletal frames are long tails whose ends can pierce the toughest armor to deliver an unholy poison sting. They are naturally resistant to poison and to all forms of mental attack such as stunning and fear. Osyluths hate all creatures and attack most anything that moves, employing their dark magic at will. Both holy water and the Cleric's ability to Turn Undead have saved many an adventurer from these creatures.

Rage Golems

Magically constructed from the rage of their creators, Rage Golems are unholy creations of evil. These nightmarish figures possess thrashing tendrils and snapping claws, and limited magical abilities that serve to enhance the terror they instill in their victims. Being constructs, they are resistant to poison and all forms of mental attack such as stunning and sleep.


Skeletons are the animated bones of the dead that mindlessly obey the orders of their evil masters. The powers of these undead vary, depending on what they were in their former lives. Skeletons range from basic melee combatants to powerful spellcasters who now channel their master's magic. They are vulnerable to holy water and the Cleric's Turn Undead ability, but since skeletons have neither mind nor flesh, they are immune to poison and mental spells, such as fear and stunning.


Strong and powerful creatures, trolls generally travel in groups and have no fear of death. Their overwhelming strength and razor sharp claws can rend a body limb from limb. Their ability to regenerate makes them tough to defeat, but they are especially vulnerable to fire and acid.


Secretive and evil creatures, the Yuan-ti are a highly intelligent and aggressive race of reptilian warriors and sorcerers. Varying breeds of Yuan-ti range from the humanoid Purebloods to the bestial Abominations, some of which are venomous. Their reptilian blood also allows them to resist the effects of poison entirely. They are devout worshippers of Merrshaulk, a chaotic evil god sometimes referred to as "The Serpent Lord," and can be fanatical about their religious beliefs.