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Bone Necropolis - Lich's Lair

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Find the Five Gems (Area 4)
Defeat Kaedin (Continued)


The end of the Bone Necropolis is near! Push forward to take on the undead that are determined to keep you from their Lich lord.


You'll be introduced to a pair of Blood Golems when you reach this fountain of blood.


You don't have to necessarily explore the left and right chambers, but you will have to do battle with a large glowing Blood Golem here before you can approach the Lich's inner room.

4 - LICH

When you reach this room, one of the cooler cutscenes of the game will display, showing the Lich arise from his throne and prepare for battle. The Lich is another "boss" encounter, and should definitely not be taken lightly. A large stock of Globe potions is your best strategy for defeating this guy. Aside from his magical sword and movement reduction attacks, the Lich also possesses the ability to conjure up a ring of swords that will cause major damage to anyone in close proximity and make the Lich invulnerable for a period of time.

If you thought those attacks were bad, though, you'll also have to deal with several summoned undead creatures from time to time while the Lich sits under the protection of a Globe spell, similar to your own. Basically, deal as much damage as you can when the Lich puts down his defenses and he will eventually drop. Once he does, make your way to the back of the room to grab the Gem of Death (the final gem, and a quest completed!).


Step into the gate here to teleport back to the Portals. Once you do, you'll enter a conversation with the cleric who original resurrected you in the beginning of the game, who will tell you that you can use the gems you've found to defeat Kaedin. Your final destination is Kaedin's Shadow Keep, where you can finish him off once and for all.