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The Frostbound - Frost Worm's Lair

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As with the previous "boss" encounters you've reached, the Frost Worm encounter is begun with a very cool cutscene that gives you a good idea of just how powerful an adversary it is. Once the cutscene finishes, focus your attention on the four tunnels in the ground - one in each of the four directions from where your character stands.

The Frost Worm has a few attacks it can sink into you - its pinchers on each side of its face, a nasty ice ball attack, and a wide cone of cold effect it can spew from its mouth. If you're playing a close-combat character, you'll want to get its attack routine down good so you know exactly when to go in for the kill and when to start dodging.

Additionally, the Frost Worm will retreat down into its tunnel from time to time, after which you'll have to do battle with several small frost worms until the big Frost Worm pops up from another tunnel. Endurance is a virtue here, so just be patient and cautious and the Frost Worm will eventually fall.


Once you've taken the monstrosity down, you can snag the Gem of Ice and head back to the Portals. Don't forget to return the Cask of Winters that you found back at the Barbarian Fort!