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Castle Baele - Market

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Go to Castle Baele (Area 1)
Locate the Rogues (Area 4)
Destroy the Trolls (Area 6)
Find the Missing Keys (Area 11)
Bring Keys to Rik (Area 11)
Find the First Sceptre (Area 11)
Return to Rik with First Sceptre (Area 11)
Find the Second Sceptre (Area 11)
Return to Rik with Second Sceptre (Area 11)
Find the Third Sceptre (Area 11)
Return to Rik with Third Sceptre (Area 11)
Find the Fourth Sceptre (Area 11)


Congratulations, you've reached Castle Baele, finishing another pending quest. Hobgoblins will confront you when you first enter, but the rest of the castle is mostly overrun by trolls.


You won't be able to enter the Barracks until you've obtained the Moon Medallion from Rik at the Castle Shoppe. However, he won't give you the Moon Medallion until you've obtained the first sceptre in the Treasury.


In order to enter the Church of Pelor, you must first obtain the second sceptre for Rik within the Barracks. Once you've done that, Rik gives you the Sun Medallion to open this particular door.


The Dragon's Tankard should probably be your first destination when you first reach the Market. Inside, you'll meet Lidda, leader of the rogues, which will complete the "Locate the Rogues" quest you received in the swamps. She will ask you to dispatch of the trolls that have overrun the market for her, after which she gives you the key to the Great Hall.

After you've defeated the Beholder in the Portals region, you can return here to talk with Lidda's associates for some additional questing. One of them requests that you find the Wild Bella Note in the Yuan-ti Wilds and another will request the Cask of Winters found in a secret area of the Frostbound. At this point, you probably haven't been to either place, so you may want to watch for them when you travel to each destination.


Once you've obtained the Treasury key in the Great Hall, you can enter this door in search of the first sceptre for Rik.


Once you have obtained the "Destroy the Trolls" quest from Lidda in the Dragon's Tankard, head to this area to dispatch of the fifteen required trolls. Keep in mind, however, that if you exit the Market before killing all fifteen, you'll have to kill all fifteen once again when you return.


Once you've obtained the key from Lidda in the Dragon's Tankard, head through this door to enter the Great Hall in search of the Treasury key.


The little gnomish merchant you met in the swamps sets up his shop here. He sells some very powerful equipment, typically even moreso than what you can buy in the Castle Shoppe.


Your last area to clear out here in the castle, the dungeon will prove to be a fairly tough stretch (and will put you toe-to-toe with a Beholder boss). In order to open this door, though, you'll first need to obtain the first three sceptres for Rik in the Castle Shoppe.


As far as I can tell, there is no way into the Baele Sanitarium since it's locked from the inside.


One of the most important areas of the game, the Castle Shoppe will become your safehaven for the rest of the game. When you first enter, you'll meet Rik, a seemingly pleasant old man that will sell you a nice assortment of items. He'll also tell you about the Planar Gems, which you must find before Kaedin does. However, to obtain the gems, you must find a way to the Portals. To reach the Portals, Rik will send you on a series of quests to find the four scepters so you can open the door to them. He'll start you off by having you talk to Lidda in the Dragon's Tankard in order to obtain the key for the Great Hall.

All seems well and good in the beginning, but late in the game you'll learn that Rik is actually Kaedin, who is only using you to unlock the power of the Planar Gems for his own personal use. Before you discover his true identity, however, Rik will escape the castle and Lidda will take his place peddling goods. Throughout the game, anytime you use a Warp Stone, it will bring you to this very shoppe so you can sell any extra items you might have and restock those you're getting low on.