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The Metalworks - Dragon's Den

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One of the most fantastic creatures in Dungeons & Dragons makes its home in this den: the Red Dragon. If you have any cold-based items or spells, make sure they're equipped and readied, since they'll do the most damage.

The dragon has two different attacks. The first is when the dragon has landed and begins firing fireballs into the air. After a few seconds, the fireballs will plummet to the ground and cause a sizeable amount of damage to any characters in the vicinity. The second attack the dragon uses is its breath weapon, which sprays a large cone of fire at you (and your companions, if you are playing with friends). During this time, the dragon is impervious since it's actually in flight.

The key to defeating the dragon is catching him when he lands and begins spewing fireballs. For a brief amount of time, you can hit him with everything you have before you're forced to start dodging the attacks. A bit tedious, perhaps, but a sure method to win if you're quick with the dodging. Once bested, the dragon will fall, revealing a large amount of gold, the Gem of Fire, and some other decent treasures. Head into the teleporter to warp back to the Portals.