DLC Main Quest: Shock Value

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Paladin Tristan (in the Citadel B Ring) will give you this quest once you've completed the quest Death from Above. He'll ask you to head to Old Olney and track down a Tesla Coil, which is "absolutely essential" for something the Scribes are working on. If you ask for some help with the mission, then Tristan will send you to Scribe Vallincourt (in the Laboratory), and she'll give you a Deathclaw Control Scrambler, which will allow you to control deathclaws near Enclave transmitters.


At this point in the game, deathclaws shouldn't pose much of a threat to you, but if you want to test out the scrambler, then you should head to the Enclave camp southeast of Old Olney. You'll find a few Enclave soldiers there, plus a deathclaw in a deathclaw cage. If you release the deathclaw, then it will help you fight the soldiers, and afterwards it will follow you around. However, when you get far enough away from the transmitter in the camp, the deathclaw will fall over dead, and you'll gain 50 experience points for its death.

Note: You won't be able to use the scrambler in the quest other than in the camp. You'll encounter more deathclaws, but you won't find any more Enclave transmitters. So the scrambler won't help you a whole lot.

In Old Olney, you should drop down into the sewers and then take the exit to the Old Olney Underground (Exit A). In the underground, you'll run into Wint and Kidd, who will explain that they were with a bunch of other ghouls trying to start up a new Underworld, but then they ran into some deathclaws and had to flee. The pair will then leave, and you'll never see them again.

As you make your way (fairly linearly) to the powerworks, you'll encounter deathclaws, Enclave soldiers, and security robots. But these enemies will only show up one or two at a time, and so they shouldn't cause you any problems.

When you reach the Tesla Coil (#14), you'll find it connected to some sort of strange machine. If you just grab the coil, then you'll take 300 points of damage from the electrical discharge. To avoid most of the damage, you can flip the three emergency switches in the room with the coil. To avoid damage completely, you'll need to hack into a research terminal (#13) and activate the failsafe.

When you take the Tesla Coil to Paladin Tristan (in the Citadel A Ring), you'll gain 1400 experience points, and Tristan will give you your next assignment.

1 - Beds

As you explore the ghoul half of the underground, you'll find several beds that you can sleep on.

2 - Watch Post

You'll find some supplies at and near the watch post, including two ammunition boxes, a first aid box, and a Chinese Assault Rifle. But be careful. The ground west of the watch post is trapped with a couple of landmines.

3 - Locked Cell

If you can bypass the "average" lock on the door, then inside the cell you'll find an ammunition box, a grenade box, a first aid box, a Chinese Assault Rifle, some 5.56mm Rounds, and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

4 - Workbench

5 - Rubble

You can use the rubble here to climb between the different levels of the building. There isn't any way to get to the very top.

6 - Vertibird

You'll find an Enclave vertibird hovering over the building at this spot. If you get tired of listening to its rotors, you can move under it and shoot it down.

7 - Safes

You'll find some "easy" wall safes in the building, but they won't contain anything special.

8 - Enclave Soldiers

You'll encounter a pair of Enclave soldiers here guarding the hallway leading to the exit (Exit C). One of them will have Enclave Hellfire Armor and a Heavy Incinerator.

9 - Locked Door

To unlock this door, you'll either need to hack into the "very hard" terminal on the eastern side, or activate the access panel on the western side.

10 - Automated Control Terminal

If you can hack into this "average" terminal, then you'll be able to shut down the two nearby sentry bots.

11 - Automated Control Terminals

You'll need to hack into one of these "hard" terminals to vent the radiation from the nearby hallways. You can also use the terminals to shut down some security bots.

12 - Security Terminals

If you enter the nearby hallway without hacking into one of these "hard" terminals, then the doors will lock behind you, and a pair of turrets will open fire on you. To escape the ambush, you'll either need to pick open one of the "very hard" doors, or press the emergency electrical switch on the northern wall.

13 - Control Room

You'll find some Alien Power Cells plus a "hard" research terminal here. If you can hack into the terminal, then you'll be able to turn off the strange machine to the east (#14).

14 - Tesla Coil Machine

You'll find a Tesla Coil in a strange machine here. If you just grab the Tesla Coil, then you'll take 300 points of damage. To avoid most of the damage, you can flip the emergency switches on the northern, southern and eastern sides of the room. To avoid all of the damage, you'll need to hack into the research terminal in the control room (#13).

  1. Exit to the Old Olney Sewers.
  2. Doorway between Old Olney Underground and the Old Olney S. Wilson Building.
  3. Doorway between the Old Olney S. Wilson Building and the Olney Powerworks.
  4. Exit to the wasteland (north of Old Olney).