DLC Quest: The Velvet Curtain

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You'll trigger this quest when you access the safehouse terminal in Room 1D of the Homestead Motel (#1).


When you read the message on the terminal, you'll learn that a certain Dr. Jiang was in America spying for the Chinese, and that he was expected to perform some sort of mission. To complete the quest, you'll need to undergo the mission for him, which will allow you in turn to claim his reward.

To start off, you'll need to grab the Locker Key from the luggage case in the motel room, and then use it to open a locker on the boardwalk (#2). Inside you'll find the password to Box 1207 in the bank (#3). To open up the box, just enter the bank vault and play the password (which you'll find in the Notes section of the interface).

Inside the deposit box you'll find an Espionage Debriefing and some money. When you listen to the debriefing, you'll learn that your mission is to destroy a Chinese submarine located off the coast of Point Lookout (#6). However, to blow up the submarine you'll need to find the self-destruct codes, which were being carried in a dental cavity by an agent named Yang.

To learn about Agent Yang, you'll need to visit the Recruitment Station (#4) and access the DIA officer's terminal. You'll learn that Agent Yang was captured and taken to the Turtledove Detention Camp (#5). You'll also find a photo of Yang, but it isn't important to know what she looked like (since she looks like a skeleton now).

When you arrive at the detention camp, you'll find it swarming with ghouls. If you don't particularly like ghouls, then the easiest thing to do is wait and let the camp's automated security system (robots and turrets) take out some of the ghouls for you. Then you can mop up the rest.

Inside the administration building in the camp, you'll find a terminal with information about Agent Yang. The files on the terminal will mention that she "succumbed under Method D interrogation," and that she was placed in locker TD-0181 in the morgue. You'll find the morgue under the administration building, and when you open the correct locker, you'll receive the Sub Self-Destruct Codes. You'll also gain a map marker for the Sub Recovery Site (#6) on the world map.

The submarine can be found just under the water at the Sub Recovery Site. If you have trouble locating the entrance into the sub, then just swim around the area until you detect the site, and then fast travel to the site. That will put you right next to the entrance hatch.

Inside the sub, you'll find an operations terminal on one side and a self-destruct switch on the other. To blow up the sub, you'll need to enter the self-destruct codes into the terminal and then flip the switch -- and then get out of the sub, quick! If you face the sub as you flee, then you'll get to see a nice explosion in the water.

Back in your motel room (#1), when you access the safehouse terminal, you'll learn that you'll need to report to a bunker beneath Calvert Mansion (#7) to receive your reward, but that to get inside, you'll need three things: Cryptochromatic Spectacles (found in the water tank of the toilet in your motel room), the code 1323442, and the pass phrase "seraphim descending."

At Calvert Mansion, if you go into the ruined greenhouse on the western side, then you'll find four urns that you can interact with. If you wear the spectacles, then you'll see horizontal lines on the urns. The number of lines represents the value of the urn. So to enter the code, you'll just need to activate the urn with one line, then activate the urn with three lines, and so forth. When you enter the code correctly, the hatch leading into the bunker will appear.

Inside the bunker, you'll find lots of weapons and ammunition (including a Mini Nuke), and you'll also meet a protectron who will ask you for the pass phrase. If you give it to him, then he'll lead you to a chamber in the back of the bunker. You'll need to flip a nearby switch to go through the door.

Inside the chamber, you'll find a Backwater Rifle and a terminal. When you access the terminal, radiation will start seeping into the room, and you'll discover that the Chinese intended to kill their agent "for the good of the People's Republic."

To escape, you should first activate the vent on the floor. With at least 30 points in the Repair skill, you'll be able to disable the vent and stop the flow of radiation. Then to actually exit the chamber, you'll have two options. If you have at least 71 points in the Science skill, then you can activate the circuit box next to the door and override the door control. Failing that, you use the lockers to climb up onto the big crate, and then from there jump up into the overhead pipes to reach a runoff pipe hatch.

Either way, when you exit the room, you'll gain 350 experience points, and the quest will come to an end.

1 - Homestead Motel

2 - Locker

3 - Bank

4 - Recruitment Station

5 - Turtledove Detention Camp

6 - Sub Recovery Site

7 - Calvert Mansion