DLC Main Quest: Walking with Spirits

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Desmond (#1) will give you this quest once you've completed The Local Flavor.


Desmond will tell you that he doesn't know why the tribals are attacking his house, and he'll ask you to investigate the matter. However, when you get to the cathedral where the tribals are living (#2), they won't let you inside. They'll insist that you collect some seeds from the "mother of all punga" first. You'll find this special punga plant in the sacred bog to the west (#3).

Inside the bog, you'll have to defeat several mirelurks, including some swamplurks, as you follow the path in a generally clockwise direction. At the end of the path you'll find several regular punga plants surrounding a giant punga plant. When you click on the giant punga plant, you'll receive a handful of Punga Seeds, but then the giant punga plant will spray you with something, and you'll begin hallucinating.

On your way back to the entrance, you'll see all sorts of odd things, including a set of Schmault-Tec Bubblehead dolls, but nothing is real, and so you can sit back and enjoy the show, or you can rush back to the entrance as quickly as possible. At the entrance you'll meet Mr. Break, who will detonate a nuclear bomb, and then you'll fall unconscious. Or maybe you were unconscious the entire time.

Note: After discovering what really happened to you in the bog (which you'll learn in the next quest), the visions of the saw and the needle and thread might make more sense.

When you wake up, you'll find yourself outside of the bog. Then when you return to the cathedral (#2), you'll be greeted by the tribals as an equal, and they'll allow you inside. "Truly, the Mother Punga has bestowed her wisdom upon you, and your mind has been expanded!" You'll also earn 300 experience points and the Punga Power perk.

1 - Calvert Mansion

2 - Cathedral

3 - Sacred Bog