DLC Quest: The Dark Heart of Blackhall

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Obadiah Blackhall in Blackhall Manor (#1).


Blackhall will tell you that some "swampfolk cretins" stole a book from him, and he'll ask you to get it back. Simple enough -- except that when you leave the manor, you'll be approached by Marcella, who will tell you that the book "is a thing of evil" and that it needs to be destroyed.

You'll find the book, The Krivbeknih, in the basement of the Ritual Site (#2). You'll probably encounter a couple of swampfolk on the surface of the site, but then when you enter the basement you won't encounter anybody -- until you pick up the book from the ceremonial lectern, and then a handful of brawlers, bruisers, and creepers will come looking for you.

After escaping the basement, you'll have to make a decision. If you decide to give the book to Blackhall, then you'll just need to return to Blackhall Manor (#1) and hand it over. Blackhall will give you your reward -- 100 experience points and 1000 caps -- and then he'll descend into the basement of the manor and start praying with the book.

If you decide to destroy the book, then you'll need to travel to the Disaster Relief Outpost (#3) to meet with Marcella. However, when you get there, you'll get ambushed by some smugglers, and you'll find that Marcella has been murdered. Fortunately, you'll also find Marcella's Last Words in her tent, and if you listen to them then you'll learn that to destroy the book, you'll need to take it to the Dunwich Building in the D.C. wasteland and place it on the obelisk that you'll find there. If you do this, then The Krivbeknih will disappear, and you'll gain 100 experience points plus some karma.

1 - Blackhall Manor

2 - Ritual Site

3 - Disaster Relief Outpost