Plik's Safari

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You'll trigger this quest when you pay Plik (#1) 1000 caps so you can experience his "extraordinary safari."


This is a simple survival quest. When you go through the doorway behind Plik, you'll find yourself in a small cave system with an "island" in the middle. Two other hunters, Rip Smithy and Jacob Humboldt, will be there already. When you're ready to start the ghoul attacks, just activate the switch on the pedestal on the island.

The safari will consist of several waves of ghouls. You won't face any feral ghoul reavers, but you'll have to dispatch just about every other type of ghoul, including glowing ones. Smithy and Humboldt won't be much help, so don't rely on them. The easiest way to survive the attacks is to return to the entrance of the cave system, so the ghouls will only attack you from one direction, and you can mow them down as they cross the bridge to you. Also, if you retreat to the entrance, then the ghouls won't know where you are, and that will give you a chance to heal and reload without being attacked.

After defeating the ghouls, when you return to Plik, he'll reward you with 100 experience points and the unique Axe The Dismemberer.

Note: In a room near Plik you'll find Plik's Journal on a table. Reading the journal will give you the Ghoul Ecology perk, which will help you in the quest.

Another Note: You can steal back the entry fee from Plik at any time.

One Last Note: You can repeat the safari every couple of days to grind experience. You'll be on your own for these safaris, but they'll only cost you 500 caps each.

1 - Coastal Grotto


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