DLC Main Quest: Death from Above

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This quest will begin two weeks after the events in Take It Back! (assuming that you or Sarah Lyons saved the purifier). You'll find yourself in the medical bay of the Citadel, and Elder Lyons will get you caught up with what's been going on:
  • The purifier has been producing clean water (Aqua Pura), and the Brotherhood has been distributing it throughout the wasteland. You'll find lots of Aqua Pura inside crates in the Citadel, including a couple of bottles in the medical bay.

    Note: If you added the Modified FEV Virus to the purifier during the quest Take It Back! then the Aqua Pura will eventually become toxic to you, and you'll die if you drink it. Otherwise it will heal you the same as Purified Water.

  • For the last two weeks the Brotherhood and Liberty Prime have been systematically eliminating the last vestiges of the Enclave.

  • You've been named a Knight of the Brotherhood.

  • Sarah Lyons might be dead or alive. If you turned on the purifier in Take It Back! then she'll be unconscious in the medical bay, and you might see her again later. Otherwise she'll be dead.
After the conversation, Elder Lyons will direct you to go and see Scribe Rothchild in the Citadel Laboratory. Rothchild will give you more background information, just in case you missed it with Elder Lyons, and he'll invite you to assist Liberty Prime in a mission against the Enclave in Rockland.

To participate in the mission, you'll need to travel to the Rockland Car Tunnel, which you'll find in the southwestern corner of the world map, near the Dunwich Building. Inside you'll meet up with Paladin Tristan (#2), who will give you your instructions for the mission. He'll tell you that the Brotherhood is going to assault an Enclave communications hub, with Liberty Prime in the lead, and so you'll just need to "keep your head on straight" and not get in the way.

Outside (via Exit B) you'll encounter some Enclave soldiers, but with Liberty Prime on the job you won't need to do much more than loot corpses. However, when Liberty Prime reaches the communications hub (Exit C), he'll punch a hole in the wall, creating an entrance into the facility, but then things will take a turn for the worse. The Enclave will launch an orbital missile strike, destroying Liberty Prime, and leaving you on your own.

Inside the Satellite Facility, you'll start out with a few Brotherhood of Steel soldiers as your allies, and you'll need to kill a bunch of Enclave soldiers as you make your way to the satellite uplink terminal (#8). If you don't like having allies, then you can "accidentally" shoot them, and nobody will care.

At the uplink terminal, you'll need to "request new telemetry data" and then "download telemetry data to user device." This will give you some encrypted files. When you take the files to Scribe Rothchild in the Citadel, he'll begin analyzing them, and in the meantime he'll send you back to Elder Lyons in the B Ring. Talking to Lyons will complete the quest and earn you 1300 experience points.

1 - Storage Closet

You'll find five ammunition boxes inside the closet.

2 - Paladin Tristan

3 - Enclave Corpses

Stacked in a pile here you'll find a few Enclave corpses, which you'll be able to loot for ammunition, weapons, and armor.

4 - Operating Table

You'll find another Enclave corpse on the operating table here. You'll also find some Enclave Power Armor on the floor next to it.

5 - Supplies

Around the crates here you'll find a first aid box, a grenade box, and a safe.

6 - Beds

You'll find four bunk beds here that you can sleep on.

7 - Locked Bathroom

You'll find a first aid box inside the bathroom.

8 - Satellite Uplink Terminal

  1. Exit to the wasteland (Rockland Car Tunnel).
  2. Doorway between the Rockland Car Tunnel and the Satellite Relay Station.
  3. Doorway between the Satellite Relay Station and the Satellite Facility.
  4. Exit to the wasteland (north of the Rockland Car Tunnel).