DLC Main Quest: A Meeting of the Minds

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This quest will start up at the end of Thought Control.


If You Sided with Desmond...

If you sided with Desmond, then you should start out by talking to him in the panic room beneath the ruins of Calvert Mansion (#1). He'll be irate that Calvert tried to blow him up, but he'll tell you that he now knows where Calvert is hiding -- underneath the lighthouse (#2). He'll then ask you to follow him there so he can put an end to the feud.

When you arrive at the lighthouse, Desmond will open the way into an underground lab, and then he'll start searching for Calvert. You should take your time as you follow him and loot all of the containers that you come across, because you'll find lots of meds, ammunition, and -- finally! -- energy weapons. Desmond will wait for you if he gets too far ahead.

Twice in the lab you'll come to a locked door. At each door, you'll have two or three ways to get it open. You can pick the lock, hack into a terminal, or pick up the right security badge. You'll find security badges on robobrain sentry robots, and you'll also find them in plain sight near the doors.

When you finally reach Calvert, you'll be given the option of talking to him or simply attacking him. If you talk to Calvert, then he'll try to convince you to attack Desmond instead. If you kill Desmond, then Calvert will attack you rather than give you a reward, so he'll die either way. All of Calvert's robots will die when he does, so when you attack him, just shoot at his tank until it explodes, and don't worry about any of the other robots.

If You Sided with Professor Calvert...

If you sided with Professor Calvert, then your first objective for the quest will be to travel to the lighthouse (#2). When you get there, you'll find the way to the underground lab already open, and you'll quickly encounter Desmond. He'll demand that you work with him instead of Calvert, and you'll once again have to make a choice.

If you decide to side with Desmond, then the quest will proceed as if you had supported Desmond all along, and you'll have to fight your way to Calvert. If you decide to kill Desmond, then the lab's defenders will be friendly towards you, and you'll be able to take a leisurely stroll to Calvert. Either way, you should loot all of the containers that you come across, because you'll find lots of meds, ammunition and weapons in the lab.

Note: Desmond will drop Desmond's Eyeglasses if you kill him.

When you reach Calvert, he'll decide to reward you with... death! Several protectrons in the room will activate and attack you, but you can ignore them and simply fire at Calvert. That's because when Calvert dies, all of the robots under his control will also die.


When Calvert dies, the quest will come to an end and you'll receive 300 experience points. If you then head west out of Calvert's room, you'll quickly come to a storage room with all sorts of good stuff in it, including a Microwave Emitter. You'll also find a ladder in the room that will take you back to Point Lookout.

1 - Calvert Mansion

2 - Lighthouse