DLC Side Quest: Protecting the Water Way

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After completing the quest Take It Back!, when you visit the Jefferson Memorial (#1) and talk to Scribe Bigsley, he'll give you this quest.


Bigsley will tell you that Rivet City's water caravans keep getting ambushed, and that "something organized" must be behind the attacks. He'll then ask you to contact Officer Lepelletier in Rivet City (#2) and find out what's going on.

You'll find Officer Lepelletier sitting behind a desk in the metal structure just outside of Rivet City (that is, you'll find her in the structure that the bridge connects to). She'll tell you that a caravan just departed from the Jefferson Memorial (#1), and she'll ask you to catch up to it and protect it.

Note: If you ask Lepelletier about getting paid and pass a speech check, then she'll give you a Plasma Rifle.

The caravan, of course, will get ambushed (#3), but if you're quick then you might be able to keep some of the guards alive. The quickest way to get to the ambush site is to fast travel to Dukov's Place (#4) and then head south to the bridge. You'll pass by a raider camp along the way, so if you're really intent on saving the caravan, then you should visit the camp and take out the raiders before triggering the quest.

Note: Inside the raider camp you'll find some ammunition boxes, some beds, and a copy of Duck and Cover.

At the ambush site, after the battle, you'll find some notes labeled "New Meeting Place" on the corpses of the bandits. If you listen to the notes then you'll learn that the bandits are congregating at Wilhelm's Wharf (#5) and that their pass phrase is "mirelurk stew."

At Wilhelm's Wharf, you'll have three ways of dealing with Split Jack and the other bandits:
  • You can simply attack them. You'll get 140 experience points for killing the bandits, and you'll find Metal Armor and Assault Rifles on their corpses. However, when you return to Officer Lepelletier in Rivet City (#2), she'll tell you that she can't reward you, and she'll send you to Scribe Bigsley in the Jefferson Memorial (#1). Bigsley will be a little more generous. He'll give you a Gatling Laser, a Plasma Pistol, a suit of Enclave Power Armor, and an Enclave Power Helmet.

  • You can convince the bandits to stop attacking the water caravans. For this case you'll need to talk to Split Jack and tell him the pass phrase, then put on the Metal Armor that he gives you, and then pass a difficult speech check. This will cause the bandits to "blow off some steam," and they'll head northwest towards the Super-Duper Mart, killing anything (other than you) that gets in their way. They'll even kill Grandma Sparkle.

    You'll get 50 experience points for passing the speech check, and you can get 140 more experience points for killing the bandits as they depart. Your rewards from Lepelletier (#2) and Bigsley (#1) will be just the same as if you had killed the bandits outright.

  • You can join the bandits and challenge Split Jack for the leadership of the gang. For this case you'll need to talk to Split Jack and tell him the pass phrase, then put on the Metal Armor that he gives you, and then tell him, "It's time for someone else to take charge." You'll be able to duel Jack with Combat Knives, Lead Pipes, or Nail Boards. As long as you stick to the designated weapon, the battle should be easy but slow, and you'll gain 50 experience points when you kill Jack. If you cheat and use a different weapon, or if a companion joins in, then all of the bandits will attack you, and you'll end up getting the same rewards as for the previous two cases.

    After the duel, one of the bandits will tell you that the gang is "tired of bosses" and that they're ready to sell their "protection services" to Rivet City (#2). When you visit Lepelletier and try to sell her on the idea, you'll have two options: 500 caps now or 200 caps per week. Lepelletier will agree to pay either way, but she won't be happy with you, and if you ever talk to her again, she'll attack you.

    If you can pass the speech check necessary to gain 500 caps now, then you should take it because you'll get to keep all of the money. If you select 200 caps per week, then you'll have to visit Wilhelm's Wharf each week, and your cut will only be 50-100 caps.
Regardless of how you decide to deal with the bandits, you'll also receive 100 experience points at the end of the quest.

1 - Jefferson Memorial

2 - Rivet City

3 - Ambush Site

4 - Dukov's Place

5 - Wilhelm's Wharf