DLC Main Quest: Who Dares Wins (Part 2)

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Quest Note

This quest covers a lot of territory, and so we've split it into two parts. This part covers the events in Adams Air Force Base.


The first thing you should do upon entering the base (via Exit A) is head north to the resupply crate (#1). Inside you'll find some ammunition, a note labeled "Orders," and a Tesla Cannon. The cannon is a powerful weapon, but it's slow and has to be reloaded after each attack.

When you listen to your orders, you'll learn that the controls for the orbital missile platform are located in a mobile base crawler, but that to get into the crawler, you'll need to access the air traffic control tower (#11) and use a terminal there to lower a ramp (Exit B).

To reach the air traffic control tower, you'll need to do quite a bit of fighting (or sneaking) because Enclave soldiers and security robots will pop up with regularity. These enemies will almost always use energy weapons, and so that's what you should use in return (because it means that you'll be able to keep your weapons repaired). Many of the soldiers will also have Enclave Hellfire Armor, and so that's a good choice to use as well.

When you reach the building with the air traffic control tower (#11), you'll need to climb up onto the roof of the building to get inside, and then you'll need to head up some stairs to reach the tower itself. Inside the tower you'll find a field research terminal, and if you select the "open mobile platform loading ramp" option on it, then you'll create an entrance into the base crawler (Exit B).

Inside the crawler, you'll have to defeat some Enclave soldiers, including a group of special Sigma soldiers, as you climb your way to the top. When you finally reach the Satellite Control Tower, you'll find a satellite uplink terminal inside, and it will allow you to command the orbital missile platform to target one of two sites -- either Adams Air Force Base or the Citadel. You'll have to choose one of the two to complete the quest.

Targeting the Citadel

If you target the Citadel, then when you exit the control tower, you'll be picked up by some Brotherhood of Steel soldiers (including Sarah Lyons, if she's still alive) in a vertibird. They'll take you directly to th Citadel, which will be a smoking ruin, and when they realize what happened, all of the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers (here and elsewhere) will attack you. You'll also gain 1500 experience points but lose a lot of karma.

If you enter what's left of the Citadel, then you'll find a crater where the courtyard used to be, but you'll find a doorway leading to the armory, which you couldn't reach before. Inside the armory you'll find a load of weapons and ammunition, including two Tesla Cannons (on a counter), some Alien Power Cells (in a shelf), and Callahan's Magnum (in Callahan's safe).

Targeting Adams Air Force Base

If you target Adams Air Force Base, then when you exit the control tower, you'll be picked up by some Brotherhood of Steel soldiers (including Sarah Lyons, if she's still alive) in a vertibird. They'll take you a short distance away, so you can watch the carnage as the missiles strike the base crawler, and then they'll fly you back to the Citadel. You'll also receive 1500 experience points and gain a lot of karma.

At the Citadel, Elder Lyons will thank you for your deeds, and you'll find two new freeform quests:
  • Scribe Rothchild (usually in the Citadel Laboratory) will ask you to scavenge parts for Liberty Prime. Each Camera that you bring him will net you 100 caps and 25 experience points. Each Sensor Module that you bring him will net you 75 caps and 10 experience points.

  • Paladin Tristan (in the Citadel A Ring) will ask you collect Super Mutant Blood Samples. From now on, whenever you kill a super-mutant, it will drop a sample. Each sample that you bring in will net you 50 caps and 10 experience points.
You'll also find a pair of Tesla Cannons sitting out freely available on the southern side of the laboratory.

"I feel proud to call you one of our own, and I promise that what you've done here today will be recorded by our scribes as a historic moment. One behalf of the Brotherhood of Steel and on behalf of the free people of the wasteland, I thank you."

1 - Resupply Crate

2 - Turret Control Terminals

3 - Baseball Field

When you approach the baseball field, two vertibirds will show up and drop off Enclave soldiers. If you can shoot down the vertibirds fast enough, then you won't have to face the soldiers.

4 - Junk Heap

You'll find several deactivated robots here that you can loot for ammunition. You'll also find a pair of ammunition boxes.

5 - Artillery Switch

If you climb up onto the building here, then you'll find an artillery switch, which you can use to bomb the Enclave soldiers and vertibirds to the southeast. You'll also find lots of .308 Caliber Rounds, as well as a first aid box and an Enclave crate.

6 - Deathclaw Holding Pens

In this hangar you'll find some deathclaw holding pens. There aren't any Enclave transmitters in the area, so the deathclaws won't become your allies, but if you hack open the doors and kill the deathclaws inside, then you'll gain a lot of experience.

7 - Hangar

In this hangar (#7) you'll encounter two Enclave scientists. One of them will drop a Fuel Stash Container Key and a holotape labeled "Flamer Fuel Stash Holotape." If you listen to the holotape you'll learn that somebody stashed a lot of Flamer Fuel "behind the small building west of the air traffic tower" (#7a). You'll need the key to unlock the stash, but inside you'll find 400 Flamer Fuel.

On the eastern side of the hangar, you'll be able to shoot through the windows at the battle between the Enclave and the Brotherhood. Soldiers will keep spawning on both sides, so you can sit at the window for as long as you'd like and grind some experience.

8 - Hangar

You'll find a bed that you can sleep on in this hangar.

9 - Artillery Post

If you activate the artillery switch here, then you'll bomb the area to the east. You'll also find two Enclave crates, a first aid box, and a turret control terminal nearby.

10 - Dead Enclave Soldier

If you explore behind the buildings then you'll find a dead Enclave soldier here. He'll have a holotape labeled "Enclave Soldier Log #1" in his inventory, and around him you'll find three first aid boxes, an ammunition box, and some Psycho. The "Prime" in the log probably refers to Liberty Prime rather than the Prime from the Museum of Technology.

11 - Air Traffic Control Tower

Inside the tower you'll find three first aid boxes and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum (under a desk). At the top of the tower you'll find another first aid box, plus a terminal that you'll need to activate to lower the ramp to the mobile base crawler (Exit B).

12 - Factory

Inside the factory you'll find three first aid boxes, lots of ammunition (including two Mini Nukes), and a Rapid-Torch Flamer.

13 - Repulsion Field Control Panels

You'll encounter a few of these control panels in the crawler. If you have enough skill with Science, then you'll be able to disable the associated repulsion fields. Otherwise, you'll have to use your Explosives skill, or simply attack the panels, and then you'll only partially disable the fields, and take damage each time you go through them.

14 - Stiggs

Somewhere in the southern part of the crawler you'll meet Stiggs. If you let him live, then he'll tell you a little bit about the crawler and its defenses.

15 - Deathclaw Storage

If you still have your Deathclaw Control Scrambler with you, then you'll be able to control the deathclaws here. On the upper level of this area, you'll also find the Slo-Burn Flamer.

16 - Barracks

You'll get attacked by several Enclave soldiers in one of these barracks. One of the casualties, an Enclave officer, will drop a High Clearance Keycard when he dies. It'll unlock a nearby door (#17). You'll also find some beds in the barracks that you can sleep on.

17 - Locked Door (Upper Level)

There are two ways to unlock this door. You can hack into the terminal to the west and use it to disengage the lock, or you can use a High Clearance Keycard (#16).

18 - Armory (Lower Level)

Somewhere near the armory you'll encounter the armory master, who will drop a Precision Gatling Laser and a Composite Recon Helmet when he dies. Inside the armory, you'll find a bunch of weapons and ammunition, including an Alien Blaster and Alien Power Cells.

19 - Mainframes (Upper Level)

You'll find two terminals here. The security terminal will allow you to unlock the doors in the crawler, and the robot control mainframe will allow you to change the orders for the security robots. If you have the Robotics Expert perk, then you'll even be able to order the robots to attack only Enclave soldiers.

20 - Landing Platforms (Top of Crawler)

When you reach these two landing platforms, vertibirds will fly in and drop off some Enclave soldiers, who will then proceed to attack you. If you can blow up the vertibirds quickly enough, then you won't have to face the soldiers.

21 - Satellite Uplink Terminal

  1. Doorway to the Adams AFB Metro Exit.
  2. Entrance to the Mobile Base Crawler.
  3. Hatch between the Mobile Base Crawler and the Launch Platform Base. When you approach the northern of these two hatches, you'll be attacked by Enclave Sigma soldiers.
  4. Hatch between the Launch Platform Base and the top of the crawler. You'll only be able to reach the Satellite Control Tower (Exit E) from the top of the crawler.
  5. Entrance to the Satellite Control Tower.