Main Quest: The American Dream

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This quest will start out with you in a holding cell in the Enclave base at Raven Rock (#1). Colonel Autumn will be in the cell with you, and he'll demand that you tell him the code for the water purifier at Project Purity. Don't tell him; if you do then he'll kill you. Instead, just keep talking to him or insulting him until President Eden calls him away.

When you're alone in your cell, President Eden will apologize for your predicament, and he'll release you from your restraints. He'll then invite you to meet with him in his office (#7), and he'll suggest that you loot your gear from the locker next to the cell door.

However, when you enter the hallway you'll be stopped by an Enclave officer, and he'll demand that you return to your cell. Depending on what you say to him, he might open fire, and nearby soldiers might help him out. But then President Eden will come onto the PA system and tell everybody to stand down, and the soldiers will stop attacking -- at least for a little while, because soon enough Colonel Autumn will come onto the PA system and cancel the order, meaning that you'll have to fight your way to President Eden's office.

Note: Enclave soldiers will always drop energy weapons when they die, so you might want to use an energy weapon yourself, just because you won't have any trouble keeping it repaired.

Eventually you'll meet up with President Eden (#7), and you'll discover that he's really a computer. Eden will tell you that he's humanity's best hope, and that he's come up with a way to eliminate all of the mutated creatures that have sprung up since the war -- a special virus, which when added to Project Purity will cleanse the wasteland.

It won't really matter what you say to Eden. Regardless, you'll have to take the Modified FEV Virus with you, and you'll have to face off against Colonel Autumn's Enclave soldiers as you try to escape the base. The only thing you'll get to decide is whether Eden blows up Raven Rock when you leave. To trigger this, you'll need to pass a speech check or a science check, or you'll need to have the destruct sequence holotape from Colonel Autumn's quarters (#5).

When you exit Raven Rock (via Exit D), a couple of things might happen. If you rescued Fawkes from Vault 87, then you'll meet him here, enthusiastically gunning down Enclave soldiers with a Gatling Laser. If your karma is high enough, then he'll offer to join you as a companion. If you kill him, then he won't drop anything. The other thing that can happen is purely cosmetic. If you convinced (or ordered) Eden to destroy Raven Rock, then it will blow up when you leave. Either way, you won't be able to go back inside the base, so loot it well before leaving.

Note: Another thing that will happen when you leave Raven Rock is a few vertibirds will take off for Project Purity. If you're quick, you can sometimes shoot one of them down, but this won't change anything.

To complete the quest, you'll need to return to the Citadel and report to Elder Lyons. You'll find him on the lower level of the laboratory with his daughter Sarah and Scribe Rothchild. After talking amongst themselves for a bit, Elder Lyons will turn to you, and once he's learned that the Enclave has the G.E.C.K., he'll decide to send in the Lyons' Pride to get it back -- along with the help of the giant robot Liberty Prime.

Note: When talking to Elder Lyons, you'll be able to hand in the Modified FEV Virus to him. You'll gain some karma for doing this, but then obviously you won't be able to use the virus later.

After talking to Elder Lyons, Sarah Lyons will come up to you and welcome you into the Lyons' Pride -- as an honorary member anyway. She'll tell you that "membership comes with some privileges," and she'll offer you either Power Armor or Recon Armor. If you don't want either of them, then you can refuse her offer, politely or not. She'll then ask you if you're ready to go. Answering in the affirmative will start the final quest in motion, so you might want to ask for some more time first. Either way, ending the conversation with Lyons will also end the quest.

1 - Cell 4

This is where you'll start out in the quest.

2 - Cell 3

If you didn't blow up Megaton, then you'll meet Nathan here. He won't be quite as enthusiastic about the Enclave any more.

3 - Anna Holt

You'll meet Anna Holt in this room. She'll tell you that she was captured by the Enclave, but that she then decided to help them out. "I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work in an environment like this." If you kill her then you'll find a Lab Technician Outfit on her corpse.

4 - Living Quarters

If you hack into the terminal here, then you'll be able to deactivate the barrier blocking you from the grenade box, the armor case, and the gun case on the northern side of the room.

5 - Colonel Autumn's Quarters

You'll find two things of interest in this room: a Bobblehead - Energy Weapons doll (on the desk) and holotape labeled "ZAX Destruct Sequence" (in the locked footlocker). The destruct sequence might play a role when you finally meet with Eden (#7). You can also hack into a terminal in the room and use it to lower a barrier, which will grant you access to two ammunition boxes and a first aid box.

6 - Sentry Bots

When you reach this spot, you'll witness a pair of sentry bots gunning down two Enclave soldiers. The sentry bots belong to President Eden, so you can leave them be.

7 - President Eden

8 - Blast Door

This door will close when you approach it. There isn't anyway to get past it.

9 - Deathclaw Cage

If you pick open the cage or hack into the delivery terminal next to it, then you'll release a deathclaw, and it will attack anything nearby, including you.

10 - Non-functioning Doors

There isn't any way to open either of these doors.

11 - Crawl Space

If you descend into the crawl space here, then you'll find two grenade boxes, a mine box, an ammunition box, two first aid boxes, and a gun case.

12 - Weapons Cache

Behind the barrier here you'll find a mine box, a grenade box, and three gun cases (one of which will probably contain a Gatling Laser). To lower the barrier you'll need to hack into the terminal to the left of it.

13 - Vertibird Pads

There isn't any way to get into the pads.

  1. Hatch between Level 2 and Level 3.
  2. Hatch between Level 2 and the Control Room.
  3. Hatch between the Control Room and Level 1.
  4. Exit to the wasteland.