Wasteland Survival Guide: Chapter 1 (Radiation)
Main Objective
  • Contract radiation sickness (200 rads)

Optional Objective
  • Contract severe radiation sickness (600 rads)


This is the easiest of the three Chapter 1 tasks. To complete it, just exit Craterside Supply and then walk over to the atomic bomb at the center of Megaton and stand next to it (in the water puddle) for about five minutes. That should give you enough radiation sickness to complete both objectives.

However, since Moira Brown will heal your radiation sickness for free when you turn in the task, you might want to take advantage of the situation. So instead of heading to the atomic bomb, just do some regular adventuring for a while (such as completing the other Chapter 1 tasks), but eat irradiated food and drink irradiated water to regain health, and save your Stimpaks for other times. Then you can just "top yourself off" at the atomic bomb whenever you feel ready to complete this task.

When you turn in the task, if you only met the main objective, then you'll receive one bottle of RadAway and three bottles of Rad-X, and Moira will cure you of your radiation sickness. If you also met the optional objective, then you'll receive the standard rewards, and you'll also gain the Rad Regeration perk.

"You're positively glowing!"