Side Quest: You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

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You'll receive this quest from Mister Crowley in Carol's Place in Underworld (#1).


Mister Crowley will give you a list of four "ghoul bigots" that he'd like to see dead. He'll offer you 100 caps if you kill them with shots to the head, and 25 caps if you kill them in some other way. He'll also expect proof for three of the kills, and he'll suggest that something like a key or a ring would work. If you accept the deal, then he'll give you a Sniper Rifle and a few .308 Caliber Rounds.

Before rushing off to do Mister Crowley's bidding, you should talk to some of the other ghouls in Underworld, such as Carol or Greta. You'll learn that something is going on with Mister Crowley other than revenge for ghoul bigotry. When you confront Mister Crowley with this information, he'll admit that he just wants the keys from the people on his list (except for Tenpenny, who he really hates), and he'll sweeten his deal by giving you 100 caps extra.

Note: If you tell Mister Crowley that you're going to keep the keys for yourself, then he'll attack you, and you'll fail the quest.


You'll find Dave in the Republic of Dave (#2). If you ask him about Crowley, then he'll be surprised to hear that the ghoul is still alive, and he'll tell you the story of how Dukov tried to kill Crowley by locking him in a room with feral ghouls.

There are a few ways to get Dave's key:
  • You can shoot him in the head, and then loot his corpse.
  • You can steal the key from him.
  • You can use a speech check to convince him that giving you the key would be a "strategic diplomatic move."


You'll find Dukov in Dukov's Place (#3). He'll be with his "party girls" Cherry and Fantasia, and he'll be far more interested in drinking and having sex than in anything that might have happened in his past. However, if you press him for details, then Dukov will let you know that he, Crowley, Dave, Ted Strayer, and Tara were hired by Tenpenny to infiltrate Fort Constantine (#6), but that the trip didn't go very well (among other things, Tara got killed).

There are a few ways to get Dukov's key:
  • You can shoot him in the head, and then loot his corpse.
  • You can steal the key from him.
  • You can pay him 200 caps for it.
  • You can convince Cherry to steal the key from him. Cherry will then expect you to escort her to Rivet City (#4), but she'll follow you if you fast travel there, and so it won't take much of an effort on your part to fulfill your end of the bargain.
  • If you have the Black Widow perk, then you can seduce Dukov into giving you the key.
  • We've also heard that you can use the Lady Killer perk to convince Fantasia to steal the key for you (with no strings attached), but we've never received a dialogue option for this.

Ted Strayer

You'll find Ted Strayer in Rivet City (#4). You'll usually meet him in the common room of the midship deck. If you talk to him, then you'll learn that he's actually Ted Strayer, Jr., and that it was his father who knew Crowley. Ted won't know much about what happened back then, just that his father and the others were hired by Tenpenny to do something.

There are a few ways to get Ted's key:
  • You can shoot him in the head, and then loot his corpse.
  • You can steal the key from him.
  • You can pay 25 caps for it.
  • You can use a speech check to convince him to give you the key.
  • If your strength is at least 6 or if you have the Toughness perk, then you can intimidate Ted into giving you the key.


You'll find Tenpenny in Tenpenny Tower (#5). He'll usually be in his suite or on his balcony. Tenpenny is a businessman, so if you talk to him first, then he'll try to make you a deal. He'll offer you 200 (or 300 if you pass a speech check) caps to kill Crowley instead, and he'll even give you 100 caps upfront. Regardless of what you plan to do, you should go ahead and make the deal just to claim the extra caps.

If you decide to kill Crowley, then the easiest way is to first give him the keys that he wants. Then he'll leave Underworld, and you'll be able to kill him quietly outside. If you decide to kill Tenpenny, then the easiest way is to attack him on his balcony, because he should be alone there. Just hide behind him (thus guaranteeing a critical hit) and shoot him once in the head.

Completing the Quest

Besides siding with Tenpenny, there are two more ways that you can complete the quest. While making your way through Crowley's list, you might have learned what's really going on -- that Crowley only wants the keys so he can claim the suit of T-51b Power Armor in Fort Constantine (#6). If you pick up the keys and grab the armor for yourself, then that's how the quest will end. If you later return to Crowley, he won't mention the quest at all.

The other way to complete the quest is to give the keys to Crowley. Depending on what you learned and how you acquired the keys, you'll earn between 100 and 400 caps from Crowley, and he'll then leave Underworld (#1) for Fort Constantine (#6). If you want to get the keys back, then you can rob Crowley as he leaves Underworld, or gun him down when he reaches the entrance (since he'll be alone there). You can also explore Fort Constantine and unlock all of the doors there before returning to Crowley, and then fast travel back and grab the armor after handing in the keys. You'll get to the armor before Crowley does.

Regardless of the method you use for completing the quest, you'll also earn 300 experience points at the end.

1 - The Museum of History

2 - Republic of Dave

3 - Dukov's Place

4 - Rivet City

5 - Tenpenny Tower

6 - Fort Constantine