Location: Underworld

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1 - Bathroom

You can pick up a copy of Nikola Tesla and You from the floor in one of the stalls.

2 - Lobby

You'll usually find Quinn and Cerberus loitering in the lobby. Quinn is a scavenger for the ghouls, and he'll tell you that he spends most of his time in the wasteland (not that you'll ever see him leave the lobby), and so he's comfortable around "smoothskins" like you. Cerberus is a robotic watchdog for the ghouls, but he doesn't like them very much. If you have the Robotics Expert perk, then you'll be able to remove Cerberus' combat inhibitor, which will allow him to attack the ghouls. However, chances are that Cerberus won't notch many kills before being put down by the ghouls.

3 - Underworld Outfitters

Tulip runs Underworld Outfitters. She'll have lots of weapons and armor for sale, including Schematics - Railway Rifle. If you ask Tulip about the history of Underworld, then she'll give you a copy of Paradise Lost, which you can read to improve your speech skill.

4 - Winthrop's Room (Lower Level)

You'll either find Winthrop here or in the lobby of the concourse (#2). When you talk to him, he'll tell you how much trouble he has keeping the museum in working order, and he'll make you a deal -- if you bring him five pieces of Scrap Metal, then he'll give you a Stimpak, Rad-X, or RadAway (you can get a better deal on Scrap Metal from Walter in Megaton). Winthrop can also repair things for you.

Inside Winthrop's room you'll find a terminal and a safe. If you can hack into the "average" encryption on the terminal, then you'll be able to open the safe. Otherwise you'll have to pick the "very hard" lock on the safe to get it open.

5 - The Chop Shop (Lower Level)

The Chop Shop is a medical facility. Inside you'll meet Nurse Graves, Dr. Barrows, and an unconscious patient named Reilly. Dr. Barrows will function as a regular medical shopkeeper. To wake Reilly up, you'll either need to pass a speech check to convince Barrows to do it, or you'll have to wait until your medicine skill is high enough so you can do it yourself. Once awake, Reilly will give you the side quest Reilly's Rangers.

Also in the Chop Shop, you can watch some glowing ones in a special observation room. The door to the observation room is "inaccessible" and can't be opened. There is also a terminal in the Chop Shop, but it seems to be somewhat broken. You won't be able to read any of the files on it.

6 - Carol's Place (Upper Level)

Carol runs Carol's Place with her partner Greta. Carol will rent you a "room" for 120 caps, and you can buy food from Greta. If you met Gob in Megaton and learned that his mother's name is Carol, then you can tell Carol how he's doing. If you blew up Megaton (or otherwise killed Gob) and disclose this to Carol, then she (and the rest of the inn) will turn against you.

Also at Carol's Place you'll meet Mister Crowley. Regardless of how you talk to him, he'll move the conversation around to a potential job, and if you accept it, then you'll trigger the side quest You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head.

7 - Snowflake (Upper Level)

Snowflake gives haircuts for free -- assuming you don't mind letting a jet-addled ghoul put his hands on you.

8 - The Ninth Circle (Upper Level)

The Ninth Circle is a bar run by Ahzrukhal. You can buy alcohol and drugs from him, and if you ask him about "that guy in the corner" (aka Charon), then he'll explain why Charon works for him. If you ask Ahzrukhal about Charon's contract, then he'll offer to sell it to you for 2000 caps (or 1000 caps if you have a high enough barter skill), or he'll demand that you kill Greta (#6) for him in order to get it.

Greta is pretty easy to kill. Just wait until 8pm when she goes to the Entrance, and ambush her there (if you kill her anywhere else, then Underworld will turn against you). After performing the deed, Ahzrukhal will give you Charon's contract as promised. However, when you tell Charon the good news, he'll walk over to Ahzrukhal and gun him down. Then he'll begin following you as a companion.

Finally, after completing the side quest Stealing Independence, you'll meet Sydney in the bar (assuming that she survived the quest). She'll act as a weapons and ammunition merchant. Later, if you give Sydney the "Little Moonbeam" holotape from the Statesman Hotel, then she'll reward you with her "Ultra" SMG. You'll need to talk to her about her father first for the right dialogue option to come up.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Entrance to the lower part of the museum. This part of the museum is covered in the quest entry for Head of State.
  3. Doorway between the entrance and the concourse