Overview: Southern D.C.

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Notable Locations

1 - Rivet City

Please refer to our Rivet City location entry for more information.

2 - Anacostia Crossing

3 - Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson memorial is involved in two main quests: Scientific Pursuits and The Waters of Life. See those two quest entries for more information.

4 - Ranger Compound

If you travel to the Ranger Compound from Seward Square Southeast (Metro C), then you might overhear a wastelander preaching about "fire burning bright" and "the worm" and other nonsense. If you get too close to the wastelander, then he'll set off a huge explosion that will kill everyone in the alley where he's hiding.

There are a couple of ways to deal with the preacher. At the entrance to the alley, you'll meet another wastelander. If you convince him to talk to the preacher, then he'll walk into the alley and trigger the explosion, and he and the preacher will die. If you're stealthy, then you can sneak into the alley and collect all of the explosives. Or you can equip a Sniper Rifle and kill the preacher from a safe distance (he'll be standing in plain site on the second story of a ruined building). One hit should do the trick, and then you'll be able to explore the alley at your leisure and pick up five Frag Mines and five Mini Nukes.

The Ranger Compound itself is the home to Reilly and her rangers. The building will start out locked, and you'll need to talk to Reilly in the Underworld to get it open. If you climb the stairs to the right of the entrance, then you'll find five ammunition boxes and two first aid boxes in the ruined building above the compound. Inside the compound you'll find some drugs and ammunition, plus a bed that you can sleep on.

After completing the side quest Reilly's Rangers, Reilly and any surviving rangers will return to the compound. Donovan will repair your equipment, Butcher will heal you, and Reilly (assuming that at least one ranger survived the quest) will give you a Geomapper Module and pay you 30 caps for every location that you discover.

5 - Seward Square Northwest

6 - Museum of Technology

The Museum of Technology is involved in the main quest Galaxy News Radio. Please see that quest entry for more information on the location.

7 - Arlington Library

The Arlington Library is involved in the Chapter 3 Library Task of the Wasteland Survival Guide. See the relevant quest entry for more information on the location.

Outside of the library, just to the northeast, you can loot a preservation shelter for a 10mm Pistol, some ammunition, and a copy of Guns and Bullets.

8 - Alexandria Arms

9 - Red Racer Factory

Please refer to our Red Racer Factory entry for more information on this location. Southeast of the factory, past a ramp, you'll run into a raider camp, and if you explore it thoroughly then you'll find a bed, a copy of Guns and Bullets, a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Flamethrower Recipes, and more.

10 - Hubris Comics

You'll find two interior locations here: the Falls Church / Mason District Metro system, which you can follow to Falls Church Metro (see Metro J for more information), and the Hubris Comics building. You can also pick up a copy of Dean's Electronics from a preservation shelter here, and in the park to the east you can rescue a captive.

11 - The Citadel

Please refer to our Citadel entry for more information on this location.

12 - Falls Church East

13 - Mama Dolce's

Metro Stations

A - L'Enfant South

B - L'Enfant Plaza

C - Seward Square Southeast

D - Seward Square North Metro

E - Mall Southwest

F - Irradiated Metro

G - Flooded Metro

H - Mason District South

I - Falls Church North

J - Falls Church Metro

You'll find two metro systems here:
  • The Marigold Station system will take you to Marigold Station (Metro K). See the quest entry for Those! for more information on this system.

  • The Falls Church / Mason District Metro system will lead you to Hubris Comics (#10) and to Franklin Metro Utility. Inside the Falls Church / Mason District Metro system you'll find a copy of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine (in a bathroom on the upper level) and a copy of Duck and Cover! (inside the ticket booth on the upper level). Inside Franklin Metro Utility you'll find lots of useful things: a copy of Tumblers Today (on a mine box on the western side), a copy of Guns and Bullets (in the central machine room), a Mini Nuke (underwater in the southeastern corner), a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes (in a shelf in the northern tunnel), and a cache of supplies, including a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum and the unique flamer Burnmaster (guarded by glowing ones in the northeastern corner).
The first time you arrive at Falls Church Metro, you should encounter some Brotherhood of Steel soldiers fighting some super-mutants. After the battle, if you talk to Paladin Hoss (assuming he survived) then he'll tell you that an initiate was cut off from the rest of the group when the super-mutants attacked, and that he's hiding out in the office building to the south. The Brotherhood of Steel soldiers will then advance towards the office building, killing any super-mutants who get in their way, but when they get to the building they'll stop and expect you to go inside on your own.

Inside the office building, you'll have to kill (or avoid) a trio of super-mutants, and you'll find Initiate Pek cowering in a room on the northern side. You can also pick open a safe and grab a copy of Tumblers Today from a desk in the small office just north of the entrance. When you lead Pek back to Paladin Hoss, you'll receive 100 caps and 250 experience points.

Note: The sequence with Pek can be a little bit buggy. After rescuing him, he might show up in random places and help you kill things. If you don't like Pek showing up, then just lead him someplace where he'll get killed.

K - Marigold Station

Marigold Station is involved in the side quest Those! Please see that quest entry for more information.

L - Arlington Cemetery South