Side Quest: The Nuka-Cola Challenge

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You'll receive this quest from Sierra Petrovita (#2) in Girdershade.


Girdershade is a small town nestled under a broken bridge. It only has two houses, one for Ronald Laren (#1) and another for Sierra Petrovita (#2). When you visit Sierra in her house, she'll give you a tour of her Nuka-Cola collection, which has "won the Nuka-Cola Fan Club Collection Award for the last ten years in a row!" That would probably be more impressive, except for the fact that the fan club only has two people in it, Sierra and Ronald, and Ronald doesn't have a collection.

After the tour, Sierra will ask you to collect Nuka-Cola Quantum for her, and she'll offer you 40 caps for each one. Better yet, if you find 30 bottles for her (enough to fill her pristine Nuka-Cola vending machine), then she'll give you Schematics - Nuka-Grenade. If you ask Sierra where you might find some Nuka-Cola Quantum, then she'll suggest that you go to the Nuka-Cola Plant (located far to the east) and check the shipping manifests there.

When you leave Sierra's house, you'll be stopped by Ronald. He won't like you very much (especially if you're male), but he'll still divulge that he'd like to seduce Sierra and "plow her bean field," and he'll tell you his plan. If you bring the Nuka-Cola Quantum to him instead, then he'll match Sierra's price, and he'll look like a hero when he gives her the bottles. If you pass a speech check, then you can increase Ronald's price from 40 to 80 caps per bottle. If you have the Black Widow perk, then you can convince Ronald to get the bottles himself, and he'll race off to the Nuka-Cola Plant and probably get himself killed.

There are over 100 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum in the wasteland. If you go to the Nuka-Cola Plant, then you'll only find three bottles there, but the plant's shipping manifests will direct you to the Super-Duper Mart, Old Olney, and Paradise Falls, where you'll find 13 more bottles. Most above-ground locations will have a bottle or two, and there's a 10% chance that regular Nuka-Cola vending machines will contain a bottle, so you'll just need to be patient and collect the bottles one by one.

When you return to Girdershade with enough bottles, you'll have two choices:
  • If you give the bottles to Sierra, then you'll gain 40 caps per bottle, and after 30 bottles she'll reward you with Schematics - Nuka-Grenade. You'll also gain karma.

  • If you give the bottles to Ronald, then you'll gain 40 (or 80) caps per bottle, and while he won't give you a reward at the end, you'll lose karma.
After completing the quest, Ronald won't want anything more to do with you (he'll be too busy trying and failing to have sex with Sierra), but Sierra will continue to buy Nuka-Cola Quantum from you, and she'll even increase her price from 40 to 50 caps per bottle.

Note: Completing this quest will break a freeform quest associated with the Nuka-Cola Plant. So be sure to head to that location first, even if you have plenty of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

1 - Ronald's House

If you picked up the Naughty Nightwear from Grady's safe in Marigold Station, then you can deliver it to Ronald for 200 (or 300, if you pass a speech check) caps. Ronald will also have the unique Sawed-Off Shotgun The Kneecapper in his possession, but to get it from him you'll probably have to kill him, or use the Black Widow dialogue option during the quest so he gets himself killed.

2 - Sierra's House

After completing the quest, if you ask Sierra about Nuka-Cola recipes, then she'll offer to bake a Mississippi Quantum Pie for yout, provided that you bring her the necessary Nuka-Cola Quantum, Flour, and Vodka. Flour is a fairly rare item that you're most likely to find on junk vendors, such as Seagrave Holmes in Rivet City.