Miscellaneous: Captives

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Every so often in the wasteland, you'll encounter a super-mutant captive. Captives such as this can be released, ignored, or killed. If you release a captive, then he or she will offer you a gift (usually a drug or a food item). If you accept the gift then you'll gain 50 karma. If you let the captive keep the gift then you'll gain 75 karma. If you kill the captive then, oddly, you won't lose any karma (unless you untie them first), and you'll even gain some experience points. Captives aren't involved in any quests or achievements, and nobody will ever comment on how many you've rescued.

Here's a list of where you can find the captives:
  1. Hallowed Moors Cemetery
  2. At an intersection northwest of the GNR Building Plaza
  3. In the park south of Hubris Comics
  4. Clifftop Shacks (x2)
  5. At the Trucks and Tent, north of the Anchorage War Memorial
  6. Mason Dixon Salvage
  7. Roosevelt Academy (x2)
  8. In a ruined building halfway between Rivet City and the Jefferson Memorial
There is also a random encounter where you can rescue a captive.