Main Quest: Scientific Pursuits

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For this quest, just like in the previous quests, you'll need to follow your father's path through the wasteland. To start out, you'll need to see why he visited Dr. Li in Rivet City. There are a couple of ways to get to Rivet City:
  • Starting at Museum Station, you should head south and take the exit to Anacostia Crossing Station (where you can pick up a copy of Pugilism Illustrated from a raider camp), and then head southwest to the Capital Wasteland exit. That will put you at Anacostia Crossing on the world map, and you'll just need to travel south a bit to reach Rivet City.

  • If you don't want to venture into downtown D.C. then you can also start at the Super-Duper Mart, head south along the edge of the Potomac River, and then cut inland when you reach the southern edge of the map.
Inside Rivet City, you'll find Dr. Li in the Science Lab, which you can reach via the Midship Deck or the Upper Deck. Dr. Li will tell you a little bit about Project Purity, which aims to provide radiation-free water to the world, and she'll let you know that your father left for the project's old lab in the Jefferson Memorial.

You'll find the Jefferson Memorial crawling with super-mutants, both inside and outside. When you reach the control room (aka the rotunda), you'll discover that your father isn't there, your objective will change. You'll be asked to search through your father's holotapes to discover where he went next. You'll find several holotapes in the memorial, but the only one required is Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 10 (#4).

Note: You'll have to return to the Jefferson Memorial for a later quest, so don't worry when you pass by things that look like they should be important but that you can't use yet. This includes all of the machinery in the memorial.

Another Note: Besides the holotapes in the memorial, you can also pick up a few holotapes from Dr. Li's apartment in Rivet City.

When you listen to Entry 10 (and some of the other entries), you'll learn that a Vault-Tec scientist named Dr. Braun took a G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) with him to Vault 112, and that such a device might be enough to make Project Purity work. Your father will then announce that he's off to Vault 112, which he'll say is located west of Evergreen Mills but "well hidden in some sort of garage."

When you finally reach Vault 112 (located underneath Smith Casey's Garage in the western suburbs) you'll find that it's in pristine condition -- except that there aren't any humans around, just polite robots who will encourage you to put on a Vault 112 Jumpsuit and enter a "Tranquility Lounger" (#11). This might seem like a bad idea, but there isn't any way around it. When you finally comply with the robots, the quest will come to an end.

1 - Turret Control Terminal

2 - Future Exits

You'll need to return to the Jefferson Memorial for a later quest, and so you'll see lots of things that you won't be able to use until later. This includes a few doors and exits that either won't work now or won't lead to anything interesting now.

3 - Gift Shop

You'll find two ammunition boxes here, plus a Sledgehammer and more.

4 - Holotapes

On the machine here you'll find Project Purity personal journal entries 5, 8, and 10.

5 - Holotapes (Upper Level)

On the table here you'll find Project Purity journal entries 7 and 8.

6 - Sleeping Quarters (Lower Level)

You'll find some beds here that you can sleep on.

7 - Room (Lower Level)

In this room you'll find Project Purity personal journal entries 1, 2, and 3, plus holotapes labeled Project Purity Personal Journal and Better Days. You'll also find a bed here that you can sleep on.

8 - Shop Entrance

In this front part of the shop you'll find a copy of Tumblers Today (in an open safe), a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum (in a corner), a bed that you can sleep on (behind the counter), and more.

9 - Staircase

You'll need to activate the nearby electrical switch to open the hatch covering the stairs.

10 - Robobrain

You'll meet a robobrain around here who will give you a Vault 112 Jumpsuit.

11 - Tranquility Loungers

You'll find a dozen loungers here, including one with an "unknown" occupant (your father). The lounger you'll need to use is the one on the northern side, but you'll have to put on a Vault 112 Jumpsuit first.

12 - Equipment Room (Lower Level)

The only way to get into this room is to hack into the "hard" terminal next to its door. Inside you'll find lots of drugs, ammunition, weapons, and armor, and you'll also find the password to the Overseer's office (#13).

13 - Overseer's Office

To enter the Overseer's office, you'll need to pick up the password to his door, which you can find in the equipment room (#12) next to the loungers (#11). Inside you'll "meet" Dr. Braun, and you'll find a wall safe that you can break into.

  1. Exit to the wasteland (Jefferson Memorial).
  2. Doorway between the gift shop and the rotunda.
  3. Doorway between the gift shop and the sub-basement.
  4. Exit to the wasteland (Smith Casey's Garage).
  5. Doorway between the garage and Vault 112.