Miscellaneous: Keller Family Transcripts

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As you travel through the wasteland, you'll sometimes come across a Keller Family Transcript. When you listen to the transcripts, you'll learn that Alex Keller stole the pass code to a "secure army bunker," and that he then sent one number of the code to four of his family members before being arrested. So if you can put all of the numbers together, then you'll be able to enter the bunker, too.

Here's where you'll find the transcripts:
  • Wastelander Camp (#1), located north of the VAPL-58 Power Station (#2). You'll find the transcript in a shelf. This is Alex's transcript. He won't have a number.

  • Hallowed Moors Cemetery (#3). You'll find the transcript on a podium. This is Tina's transcript. Her number is 5.

  • Grisly Diner (#4). You'll find the transcript on a desk behind the diner. This is Candice's transcript. Her number is 7.

  • Abandoned Shack (#5), located west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas (#6). You'll find the transcript on a workbench. This is the father's transcript. His number is 4.

  • Trucks and Tent (#7), located north of the Anchorage War Memorial (#8). You'll find the transcript on a table inside the tent. This is Ralph's transcript. His number is 6.
Once you've accumulated all five transcripts, you'll be able to enter the bunker located in the armory of the National Guard Depot (#9). You won't actually have to know what the numbers are to get in.

1 - Wastelander Camp

2 - VAPL-58 Power Station

3 - Hallowed Moors Cemetery

4 - Grisly Diner

5 - Abandoned Shack

6 - Rockbreaker's Last Gas

7 - Trucks and Tent

8 - Anchorage War Memorial

9 - National Guard Depot