Side Quest: Agatha's Song

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You'll receive this quest from Agatha when you meet her at Agatha's House (located in the northern suburbs).


Agatha will tell you that she has a deal going on with the local caravans: she plays her homemade violin on a special radio frequency for them, and in return they bring her goods each week. However, she'll mention that she's worried about the soundness of her violin, and she'll ask you to bring her a better one. To that end she'll tell you about the Soil Stradivarius violin that once belonged to her great-great-grandmother, and she'll speculate that it might now be in Vault 92. Agatha won't know how to get to Vault 92, but she'll tell you how to reach Vault-Tec Headquarters, where you can find the location of all of the nearby vaults.

Note: If you're too rude to Agatha, then she'll stop talking to you, and you won't be able to get the quest.

Another Note: If you pass a speech check while talking to Agatha, then she'll give you the key to the ammunition box on the floor next to her (use the speech check that starts with "I want to help you"; the other speech check seems to be broken). You'll find a wide variety of ammunition, including a Mini Nuke, inside the box. You can also pick open the box, but it has a "hard" lock, and if Agatha spots you, then she'll attack you.

You'll find Vault 92 far to the north of Agatha's house. As you explore the vault's interior, you'll discover that Vault-Tec was using it for audio experiments -- until the experiments went horribly wrong, killing everybody inside. That means you won't encounter anybody to talk to inside of the vault, but you will find plenty of bloatflies, mirelurks, and traps to deal with. The bloatflies and traps shouldn't cause you any problems, but you might need to be careful with the mirelurks, since they can come at you in packs.

You'll find the Soil Stradivarius in the recording studio (#15). It'll be in its case in plain sight, and you won't need to do anything tricky to get it. When you bring the violin to Agatha, she'll thank you for it, and she'll tell you the frequency for her violin shows (which you'll detect when you leave her house). You'll also gain karma and receive 300 experience points.

After giving the Soil Stradivarius to Agatha, the next time that you talk to her, you'll also be able to give her a Sheet Music Book (#8). If you accept a reward for this donation, then Agatha will give you the unique Scoped .44 Magnum Blackhawk. If you don't accept a reward, then you'll only gain karma. There are six total Sheet Music Books in the wasteland, but Agatha will only reward you for one of them.

If you'd rather receive caps than violin music, then instead of bringing the Soil Stradivarius to Agatha, you can sell it to Abraham Washington in Rivet City. He'll give you 200 (or 300, if you pass a speech check) caps for it, and you'll still earn 300 experience points. If you sold the violin to Washington before triggering the quest, then you'll also be able to buy it back from him for 300 caps, which will allow you to give it to Agatha.

Note: The Soil Stradivarius is a real violin. It was built by Stradivari for Amédée Soil in 1714.

1 - Table

On this table you'll find two first aid boxes, a Laser Pistol, lots of Energy Cells, and more.

2 - Audio Logs

Scattered around the vault you'll find six audio logs from Professor Malleus. If you listen to all of them, then you'll get an idea of what happened in Vault 92.

3 - Feedback Loops

On the ground next to the corpse here you'll find a note labeled Feedback Loops. It'll mention hacking security terminals (#5) and using their noise flush feature "to spook the crazies." The crazies are long gone, but if you use the noise flush feature now you'll kill all of the mirelurks in the living quarters.

4 - Supply Shop (Upper Level)

You'll find lots of ammunition in the supply shop, plus Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (in the shelves) and a safe / terminal combination.

5 - Security Terminals

You'll find three "average" security terminals in the living quarters. You can bypass their encryption by browsing the files on the overseer's computer (#12); otherwise, you'll have to hack into them. Most of the functions on the terminals won't work, but if you select "noise flush," then you'll kill all of the mirelurks in the living quarters.

6 - Beds

You'll find lots of beds inside the vault.

7 - Storage Closet

You'll find a Laser Pistol, a rigged Combat Shotgun, an ammunition box, and a wall safe here. Also, under Jon Adiglio's note (beside the skeleton), you'll find the key code for the data storage room (#10).

8 - Sheet Music Book

You'll find a Sheet Music Book in one of the stalls in the bathroom.

9 - Nuka-Cola Quantum

You'll find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum next to the security terminal (#5) here.

10 - Data Storage

You can find the key code for the data storage room in the men's dorm room (#7). If you want to enter the room manually, then you'll have to pick a "very hard" lock or hack into a "hard" computer. Inside the storage room you'll find lots of ammunition and drugs.

11 - Laboratory Terminal

Browsing through the files on the terminal here will reveal more of what happened in Vault 92. Next to the terminal you'll find a copy of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine.

12 - Overseer's Office

Inside the office you'll find a Stealth Boy, three ammunition boxes, a copy of Duck and Cover (in the shelves), a Pre-War Book (in the shelves), a Laser Rifle (also in the shelves), and Richard Rubin's (the overseer's) terminal. Logging into the terminal and reading the first note will give you the password for the security terminals in the living quarters (#5).

13 - Storage Closet

If you can get past the "average" lock on the closet's door, then inside you'll find lots of drugs and ammunition, plus a wall safe.

14 - Control Room

Inside the control room you'll find a studio computer and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You. You'll need to log into the computer to open the door to the recording studio (#15).

15 - Recording Studio

Inside the recording studio you'll find a Laser Pistol (on the ground next to a skeleton), a wall safe, and the Soil Stradivarius.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Hatches between the main level and the reactor room.
  3. Hatches between the main level and the living quarters.
  4. Hatches between the main level and the sound testing level.
  5. Hatch between the main level and the overseer's office.


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