Wasteland Survival Guide: Chapter 1 (Food)

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Main Objective
  • Find food in the Super-Duper Mart.

Optional Objective
  • Find medicine in the Super-Duper Mart.


The Super-Duper Mart is located almost due east of Megaton. Moira Brown will mark its location on your world map when she gives you the task.

Inside you'll find several raiders milling about. About half of the raiders will start on the western side of the shop, so if you carefully move from east to west, you should be able to fight most of them one or two at a time. If it's still early in the game, you'll probably have better luck using a melee weapon against them rather than trying to shoot them, even if your character was designed as a ranged attacker.

You'll find a food storage container in the northeastern part of the shop (#2). Opening it will complete the main objective. For the drugs, you'll have to reach the pharmacy (#7), which will involve going through a locked door (#5). Fortunately, besides the regular ways the game gives you for unlocking doors, you'll also find a pharmacy key in the shop (#3), which will get you in.

Inside the pharmacy, you'll find a pharmacy supplies container on the wall, and opening it up will complete the optional objective for the task. But be careful; going through the pharmacy door will also cause more raiders to show up, so be sure to use one of the beds in the shop (#6) before going in. Sleeping for a single hour will completely heal your character.

The new raiders in the shop will be just like the old raiders, except they'll usually converge on you in a group. If you have trouble with them, you can hack into the computer terminal in the pharmacy and activate the shop's security robot. Just be sure to pick up the Office Employee ID first (you'll find it on top of the computer), or else the robot will attack you, too.

When you return to Moira Brown in Megaton, she'll give you five Iguana Bits for completing the main objective, and she'll throw in a Food Sanitizer if you also completed the optional objective. The Food Sanitizer sounds like it should reduce the radiation penalty for eating food, but it doesn't. It simply adds 20% to the health benefit of the food.

Note: You can also lie to Moira Brown and not go to the Super-Duper Mart at all. For that case you'll need to wait a day after receiving the task before lying to her (or else she'll know that you never left town), and you'll need to pass a speech check. If you succeed, then you'll get credit for completing the main objective but not the optional objective, and so lying isn't a good idea unless you're in a big hurry to get out of Megaton.

1 - Check-Out Aisles

In this part of the store, you'll find a few cash registers with pre-war money in them.

2 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find a pair of Laser Pistols, plus a bunch of Energy Cells. You'll also find two Stimpaks and a food storage container (aka a refrigerator). When you open the container, you'll find some food inside, and you'll complete the main objective of the quest. It isn't necessary to actually take the food.

3 - Ammo and Key

Behind the counter here you'll find a few ammunition boxes, plus a grenade box, and you'll also find a metal box containing the pharmacy key. You can use the pharmacy key to unlock the pharmacy (#5).

4 - More Ammo

You'll find lots of ammunition in the area here, plus some Frag Grenades, a mine box, and a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.

5 - Locked Pharmacy Door

You'll have no less than three ways to unlock this door: you can pick it (it has an "average" lock), you can use the pharmacy key (#3), or you can hack the computer next to it. But be careful; when you open the door some more raiders will arrive in the store, and they won't be happy that you killed some (or all) of their companions.

6 - Beds

You'll find beds in a few places in the store.

7 - Pharmacy

You'll find a bunch of equipment inside the pharmacy: a Mini Nuke, four Frag Grenades, three ammunition boxes, three bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum (which you might need for the side quest The Nuka-Cola Challenge), and more. You'll also find a computer terminal that you can hack to turn on the store's security robot. Just be sure to grab the Office Employee ID first (found on the top of the computer), or else the robot will attack you as well as any remaining raiders. Finally, you'll find a pharmacy supplies container (aka a first aid box) hanging on the wall, and when you open it you'll complete the optional objective of the task.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.