Main Quest: Rescue from Paradise

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This is a quest that you'll sometimes need to complete for the main questline. When you first arrive in Little Lamplight, a kid named Mayor MacCready will stop you and prevent you from entering the cave system. If you can't get past him diplomatically, then you'll have to complete this quest. Most of the time you'll trigger the quest at Mayor MacCready, but you can also trigger it at Sammy or Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls.

Note: If Mayor MacCready doesn't trigger this quest, you can still go to Paradise Falls and complete it.


Your goal in this quest is to rescue Penny, Sammy and Squirrel from the slavers at Paradise Falls. There are three ways to do this:
  1. You can just open fire and kill all of the slavers. For this case you'll meet Sammy outside of the camp (#2), but you'll have to fight your way through about a dozen slavers to get to the rest of the slaves. To open up the slave pens (#8), you'll need to pick up the Paradise Falls Box Key, which you can find on Forty (#2) or Eulogy Jones (#5), the leader of the slavers. When you talk to Penny and Squirrel, they'll rush out of the camp via the drainage grate in the bathroom (#7), and they'll ask you to meet them just outside of the camp (slightly south of Grouse's position at #1). When you do, they'll rush off to Little Lamplight.

  2. You can befriend the slavers, which will allow you to move around freely in Paradise Falls, and then you can buy the children from Eulogy Jones (#5). Jones will start out with a price of 2000 caps, but by passing a speech check you can lower the price to 1200 caps. After purchasing the children, they'll meet you at the front gate (Exit A), and then they'll return to Little Lamplight on their own.

  3. You can help the children escape. For this case you'll need to talk to Sammy by the gate to the slave pens (#8). After sounding you out, Sammy will bring Squirrel to you, and Squirrel will explain their escape plan. Squirrel will tell you that he got a computer working in the slave pens, but that it isn't connected to the slaver's network. So what you'll need to do is either hack into the terminal in Eulogy Jones' Pad (#5) and change a setting to give Squirrel access, or "switch a few cables" in the junction box in the food court (#3) to add Squirrel's computer to the network. The former solution requires some science skill, while the latter solution requires some repair skill.

    When you return to Squirrel, you'll learn that you only completed the first step in the escape plan. Next, you'll need to wait until midnight, and then figure out a way to get Forty (#4) to abandon his post. There are two ways to do this. You can convince Forty that he should see Eulogy about getting a raise, or you can convince Crimson (#5) that she should show Forty a good time. If speech just isn't your thing, then you can also purchase Crimson's services for 100 caps.

    When you return to Squirrel, you'll learn that there's one last hurdle to clear. Apparently Penny has taken a liking to a slave named Rory Maclaren, who is currently being isolated in the Box (#6), and she won't leave without him. You can try to convince Squirrel to leave without Penny, or convince Penny to leave without Rory, but failing that you'll need to steal the Paradise Falls Box Key, and use it to set Rory free. There are three copies of the key -- one on Forty, another on Eulogy Jones, and the third on a table in Eulogy Jones' Pad (#5) -- but unfortunately there isn't a good way to help Rory escape, short of killing all of the slavers between him and the exit (Exit A). Luckily, Rory doesn't need to survive. After freeing him from the Box, no matter what happens, Penny will agree to escape.

    To complete the escape, you'll just need to meet the three children outside of the camp (slightly south of Grouse's position at #1), and then they'll make their way to Little Lamplight.

1 - Grouse

2 - Sammy and Forty

This is where Sammy and Forty will start out. If you attack the slavers then Sammy will hide behind one of the cars here. Otherwise he and Forty will eventually return to the inner camp.

3 - Food Court

4 - Pool Table

You'll usually find Forty lounging around next to the pool table.

5 - Eulogy Jones' Pad

6 - The Box

7 - Toilets

8 - Slave Pens

  1. Entrance to the inner camp.