Each point of Strength increases your Melee Weapons skill by 2 points, your maximum carrying capacity by 10 pounds, and your melee damage by a half point.


Each point of Perception increases your Energy Weapons, Explosives, and Lockpick skills by 2 points, and enables better threat assessments on your compass.


Each point of Endurance increases your Big Guns and Unarmed skills by 2 points, your maximum Hit Points by 20, your Poison Resistance by 5%, and your Radiation Resistance by 2%.


Each point of Charisma increases your Barter and Speech skills by 2 points, and improves people's disposition towards you.


Each point of Intelligence increases your Medicine, Repair, and Science skills by 2 points, as well as the number of skill points you can allocate at level-up by 1 point.


Each point of Agility increases your Small Guns and Sneak skills by 2 points, and the number of action points available while in V.A.T.S. mode by 2 points.


Each point of Luck increases your critical chance by 1%, and every two points of Luck increases all of your skills by 1 point.